response to my dad's comment:

comment left by my dad on this post this morning:

I'm in this guys box...get it?

For all of you who care, tomorrow is my surgery so be nice to Hayley, she's a nutcase worrying about her dad, but I'll be okay.

Cookies and cakes are welcome and I really like pictures of my grandchilder...a movie with BJ and Sparky would be nice too - it's never been as much fun since you left.

my response to him:
a) no - i don't get it. please explain further daddio. you don't need a box. you need a padded room.
b) thanks for getting that surgery scheduled. maybe i wouldn't be a "nutcase" if i didn't like you so much... i'm working on that :)
c) bj & sparky are old family friends... barb & mark. sarah's parents. what... you want them to do a song and dance dad? geez, how needy are you? and are you making up new words? grandchilder? i kinda likey. *holly. we need to talk. pronto!* and i will make mom make you a cake. there. am i good nutcase yet?

notice that peeps: tomorrow is surgery. please say a little prayer.


garrett said...

I think the reference to the box is Pandora's Box... an old legend about the box that, when it was opened, unleashed all the strife of the world...

But I'm glad you're gonna see to it that the man gets a cake!!

MiaKatia said...

Sounds like you had a great Easter. Send that turkey recipe along if you get your hands on it!

I will say a prayer for your papa!

Sarah Young said...

I love that bj and sparky got a shout out! I will most certainly be saying a prayer for your good ol' daddio tomorrow!

tiburon said...

Sending lots of prayers your daddy's way
Let us know how things are going :)

Holly O. said...

I think I know what we need to talk about!!!

Mom said...

He is home and doing fine with his meds. Nurse said the next 24 hours will be the hardest. Thank you to all for your love and prayers.