heaven in pandora

so... i've always known that pandora existed. and when i saw it was a free app on my iPod a while ago, i got the app... didn't really do much with it though & honestly, i don't think i've ever really been the website. i understood the concept of what pandora does... but i didn't embrace it. i was missing out! yesterday and today, i've been living large. i meant to blog about this yesterday, but then sunk into a funk over the news of my dad's surgery.

but pandora is awesome. so simple. it's radio on the internet. and if you've got an iPod with wifi - your podder! momma sooooo likey. you go to the website. you type in an artist or a song. it creates a "station" with music similar to that artist or song. so far, i've created a station for ingrid, the shins, and lily allen. (garrett got me started on lily allen, i really hadn't heard her music before... but now, i'm finding it fun & playful. british = sassy music)

if you haven't yet, go take a gander. it's fantastic.


Shelley~Maren said...

I totally agree! LOVE the pandora! AND I love that I can login from my PC, and play my stations! I really love that it suggests songs based on what I love already! AWESOME!

Dad said...

I'm in this guys box...get it?

For all of you who care, tomorrow is my surgery so be nice to Hayley, she's a nutcase worrying about her dad, but I'll be okay.

Cookies and cakes are welcome and I really like pictures of my grandchilder...a movie with BJ and Sparky would be nice too - it's never been as much fun since you left.

tiburon said...

I have it on my blackberry and I LOVE IT!

I have used it on my computer for a loooooong time but I was thrilled I could get it on my phone too :)