stinky feet & further updates

i'm sure you're all dying to know that the shoes i'm wearing sans the socks are giving me stinky feet today. it's killing me. my sensitive nose is not appreciating my in between shoes & socks before we move on to flops stage. i'm feeling rather grumpy about it in fact. apparently getting fat not only gives me extra rolls on my belly, it also gives me stinky feet. any other explanations?

also - i would like to say that i'm having sympathy pains for my dad. who's shoulder is all banged up, since i'm sure you couldn't have forgotten. (what not everyone's counting down the minutes til friday night??? that's when he gets back from moscow, peeps... get your head in the game!) it's gotta be sympathy pains & not that i'm sleeping wierd on my already cooky shoulder.

hopey loves talking to her guy. heather and i have started messing with her head about it, too. she'll usually come talk to me if i want her to... but she always asks about guy. even better when he's there & she can talk to him. i can barely remember how she used to not like him, although i do remember that she embraced him quickly. yesterday, while hopey was playing next to heather (who was talking to me on the phone) - heather casually used garrett's name in the convo. hope came a running saying, "i talk to that guy!" then - when i said hello to her first, before garrett did, she said, "no, i want to talk to guy." i wasn't good enough. i love it. she's a crack up.

oh & another favorite - using the webcam & chatting with holly & the boys. especially will who likes to just sit and wave at me. i love that boy. and the bigger one, too.


Suzanne said...

I feel your pain. My feet were a little stinky today too. Blame it on the shoes. That's what I'm doing. Hope your Dad is feeling better. And thanks for the birthday wishes!

Holly O. said...

Maybe you always had stinky feet and you didn't know it?

Heather said...

I just reminded Scott about the webcam. He is so loving me right now. What is with our sensitive noses??? I drive my kids crazy with my sniffer.

Mom said...

I know where you got the good sniffer. He is in Moscow currently. I will be glad to get him home, too.

tiburon said...

I want to smell your stinky feet.