photo tag

emity tagged me in this photo tag. i couldn't do it at first cause i don't have pictures loaded on my new computer. but my lovely husband worked on a little favor for my mom tonight & sent me a few wedding pictures. you're supposed to go into your 4th folder & post the 4th picture. because of garrett doing this, i now have 4 folders. i wasn't going to post a sample picture ;)

this picture was taken outside of the temple, of course. i love that garrett & i were being goofy. i can't believe it's already been 2 months. and i love that hayden was right next to garrett. that wasn't an accident, the kid loves him. i also love that hannah & hunter were close by, too - i didn't get to spend too much time with them on that short little, busy trip. but hannah helped me with my dress that day & hunter was looking mighty handsome. i can't believe how big he is.

if you wanna play along, consider yourself tagged. but don't worry, i won't feel offended if you don't do it. hehe.

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