i ever ever will

on our drive home from st. george last night, i noticed that my phone and my ipod were grimy and smudged and i couldn't help but smile. connor and will both enjoyed playing on my electronics this weekend & i was happy to let them. the drive home is always tender for me - i hate saying good bye but i love spending that time going over my many memories that i just formed with the kids. this last extended weekend was jam packed with memories.

here's a semi short list of some of my favorites from our little vacation:
  • finding will and garrett snuggling. it doesn't surprise me, he's great with kids - but watching will on his own free will climb up and snuggle into my husband definitely warms my heart.
  • one of my favorite things about little boys is how curious they are - and how they can ask and ask and ask away for a long time. about the same thing. and connor's blessed with having the jones trait of one-tracking in his blood. we went on a hike one day and i loved listening to him ask away and be curious. it's charming. that little boy is smart & i love seeing where his train of thought will go.
  • wilbur plays. a lot. he especially likes to do mr. potato head. his favorite thing to do put the glasses on his face and get to work. thankfully holly took some pictures and shared with me. here's a lttle sample for you to enjoy.
  • connor loves mulan. and i love mulan. we managed to watch it once. and then we also managed to go to our favorite scene a few extra times. it makes me cry, always has. especially when i watch my little nephew enjoy it, too. oh my goodness - singing the song with him, too - oy. here's our favorite scene...
  • "you can do it, put your back into it" is what i said to wilbur at costco when he was eating his chocolate yogurt. the yogurt was thick & he was bent over trying to get at it. it was a little difficult. and his tongue was surely out (again). i love how hard that boy concentrates!
  • connor is so sweet and tender with his brother, mostly. there are times when he'll be too rough on him, but mostly i was so impressed with how much connor takes care of will. and then, i was absolutely smitten with how much will looks up to his big brother. he watches, mimicks and repeats. if connor comes over to give me a kiss, here comes will - running over to kiss me too.
  • and speaking of kisses - will gives the best kisses. very puckered.
  • 6 days of lounging. sweat pants, very little brassiere support, minimal makeup. (hell, lets face it that the makeup only full on happened one day) lots of fun conversations, meals and more meals.
(who wouldn't love that little fro he's got going?)

so i loved driving back with garrett. i love that we can reminice and that we can talk about our future. i'm glad that he was willing to take a few days off of work to come down with me and bond with my sister's family. and also - i'm glad there there's a mutual love between him and those boys.

oh - of course, since they're fantastic - all pictures are hojo's.


tiburon said...

Sounds like you had a great relaxing vacay!

Shelley~Maren said...

I just love this. I love that you love your nephews, and the mr. potato glasses are classic. Even that picture of you and G on the couch, you just look so comfortable, and loved, even though he's focused on the laptop. You have a place right next to him, and I think it's cute. :) Gotta love family visits!

Holly O. said...

We loved the visit too, I assure you. Thanks for vacationing with us!

Kristin Jones said...

So fun!!

100 Percent Cottam said...

so fun! sounds perfect!

Mom said...

I will be at your resort in two weeks tomorrow. I'm ready for my turn with Will and Connor.

Heather said...

Fun stuff.

Jori said...

Awww you guys are cute! I love your new haircut. I might need some sassy bangs now.