i don't know what i'll do... but i'll pay up!

i'm doing the pay it forward thing. cause jared is doing it & i'm kinda hoping that i'll get something that he makes... that's the point of doing these things, right? they have to be homemade? jared is a ceramisist. haha. i think i made that word up. i'm not even going to look into it to find out i'm not, cause i think it's funny.

3 comments. 3 things of my own homemade fashion. it might be food. might be. that's the safest thing i can think of right now that wouldn't fall apart the minute i turned away from it. but i'm a little distracted... cause garrett is playing with my nephews & i just love it. he's snuggling wilbur right now. i wanna kiss 'em both.

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Dad said...

Uncle Garrett is a good one, keep him.