i best clarify

so, i posted the other day some thoughts about blogging. i didn't mean to cause a stir. i just meant to voice some opinions. i had text messages, emails, conversations - you name it -with people asking who i was mad at.

let me be specific here - i was mad at no one.

i have always had thoughts on certain things and or heard comments on certain things. these thoughts had been formulating for a while, and honestly i don't know what prompted me to write them... except maybe trying to busy myself with something other than thank you notes? that post surely wasn't written out of anger.

rest assured: if i ever am mad at you, you'll probably know. most likely the reason you'll know is cause i'll have told you. i might not express myself clearly all of the time, but i surely express myself.

and please don't feel ashamed of yourself if you post pictures of your kids on your blog. i was just using that as an example. if i like you, i probably like your kids. i probably love seeing pictures of them! and keep in mind that i do in fact post pictures of my nieces and nephews often. so, feel free to tell me to suck it. (except jared or liz, if you read this, please don't tell madeline that i said suck it.)


tara said...

okay. i just went back to read the original post in question. i have to say that i agree with nearly everything you said hayley!! i also like that you aren't wishy-washy...you don't type what you think OTHER PEOPLE want to read...you are YOU and i happen to enjoy the CRAP out of you hayley.

i'm sad because blogging seems less personal now. i still read...but like most, comment way less and blog way less. i miss the personal connections and running jokes. bummer.

i dig you hayley and always have.

Holly O. said...

You aren't so bad after all.

em said...

That post was totally awesome for me. It reminded me that I can do whatever I want on my own blog, and you're right anyone that doesn't like it can just "suck it".

tiburon said...

Hehhehe isn't it funny that people always think you are talking about them?

Happens to me to ;)

Heather B said...

Duh, that's what I like about you Hayley. You're my kind of peeps. I like knowing that if you are ever pissed at me, I'll know it. And then we can just leg wrestle and get it over with. :)

Although, I may have to take a rain check on the leg wrestle in the next few months. No sense going into early labor.

Suzanne said...

I knew you weren't too mad at me. :) I love your honesty and the fact I can use words like piss and WTF around you and you don't get upset. By the way, Friday's staff meeting is after school, not before. See you then!

Jan said...

I always love your honesty and the fact that you definitely will tell someone if you have a problem with them.

I love reading exactly what you have to say.

Suzie said...

Oh man. Hay you are hysterical.
I don't know if you could offend anyone. Your heart is as big as Texas, baby.

Holly O. said...

except now the people you were giving the business too don't know you were giving them the business.