why are glasses so @#%* hard to keep clean?

i'm frustrated today. this day is just not going my way. i got to school, my room is still locked. can't find our grade level key cause someone hasn't put it back where it belongs. i love coming to school early to get stuff done only to waste my time trying to correct other's mistakes & laziness. then i spilled dr pepper all over my desk. i wasn't concerned about the desk, just the waste of the dr.

the biggest reason i'm grumpy though is because i have "viral conjunctivitis" which is pink eye, but not the contagious kind. yes, there are 3 kids... mostly we see bacterial. so my eye is completely bloodshot, itchy & sore... i feel like i've got a massive sty growing. luckily, it's not. but i've been wearing glasses since friday. i'm sick of it. my glasses aren't strong enough, cause they're about 4 years old. i hate how limited it is, wearing glasses. i don't know how people do it all of the time. i hate how my depth perception is off, i hate how i have to move my head so directly to be able to see. i hate how i'm constantly squinting. i hate how these damn things are always smudged from something. i hate how i can't wear sunglasses.

and i am terrible about letting people come close to my eye balls. garrett's been helping - but i'm sure he wants to smack me. i wiggle, i squirm, i whine, i blink, i fidget... what a mess. i try to be good, but it's so hard.

this needs to clear up quick. cause i could all too easily take a few sick days.

please, don't feel obligated to comment here - i just needed to post something not gushy & cheese dash e, so Jared wouldn't vomit, should by some small chance he still be reading my blog.


Jared said...

I also hate glasses, but I guess I have gotten used to them. I hate the most how clay scratches the hell out of any lenses, scratch resistant or not. My favorite part of your rant about glasses is the one where you hate that you have to turn your head to see stuff... because that whole turning your head to look at things can be a bitch!!!

garrett said...

Your eyes look much better tonight when I got home from work. Hopefully it's going away and you're almost done!!! And I don't mind putting in your eye drops. It's kinda fun. :) Love ya.

Holly O. said...

HAYLEY. You can wear your sunglasses when you are wearing your regular glasses. Have I taught you nothing as your big sister?

100 Percent Cottam said...

ugh, girl, i had that 3 times last year. sooo annoying. hope you kick it for good the first time!!

Heather said...

I hate how when you wear glasses it's like you are living in a fish bowl. I know what you mean about turning your head to see stuff, it's not that you have lazy neck it's that you can't sneak a peak out of the corner of your eye, because there is no glass there to correct your vision. Yes, glasses do suck, I hate how behind my ears hurt after a few days of wearing glasses. I appreciated your rant today and can totally relate. :)

Jan said...

You sounds like Natie -- same story. I'm sorry!! (and you complain all you want!)