the lunch wrap up

i won't bore you all with details of my valentine's day; other than - we had a lovely, simple, peaceful day. i will however share with you details of our lunch. it was a doozie.

most people that know me know i'm a fan o' chili's. i eat there plenty. (i mean, for hells sake - i got this guy for my james avery charm bracelet just to represent the love.) don't even need to look at the menu when i go in... cepting that sometimes i do, just for shits and giggles. just to check things out, or to see if i'm going to tempt myself with something other than one of my regulars.

so we haven't been there in quite a while... maybe november, which for me is like AGES. (feel free to correct me anyone, if we've been there more recently than that... i could very well be in a stupor) we were both starved going in there and we were both really excited. so we got to talking & decided that picking just one or two things was going to be too hard for us, so we went a lil' buck wild.

here's a spread of the menu that we both ate.

for starters:
  • chips and salsa. of course. with some ranchy, too... mhmmm - the ranch makes the chips and salsa. we ate two whole bowls full. one for each, i guess you could say.
  • boneless buffalo wings. with ranch of course. momma no likey bleu cheese. ick.
for mainers:
  • triple dipper - including: spinach and artichoke dip - just for me, southwest egg rolls - just for him, and big mouth bites (one for each of us... they had cheese and bacon. wowza!)

  • chicken fajitas. if my memory serves me correctly, we both had 2 of these guys, too. for enders:
  • molten chocolate cake. to be shared. heaven on earth
we ate it all. there weren't but a few leftover chips. sadly, i didn't even feel stuffed on my way out. i was full & very satisfied, but not feeling sickish. we did go home and promptly fall into a "food induced coma" which lasted until it was after dark. and then i was full all night long. no dinner was served at our house that night.

so we saved our bacon wrapped filets for today.


garrett said...

Oh, man, was that a tasty meal!!! I love you babe! I loved spending such a great valentine's day with you (and enjoying all that food). :) You're the best.

tiburon said...

Atta girl.

I am so proud of both of you. My bosom is swelling with pride.

Holly O. said...

Holy crap that is a lot of food!!!! I totally could have done it too.

Holly O. said...

And PS, I will be going to Chili's tomorrow, thanks A LOT.

Hayley said...

holly - it's my desire in life to post about food just so you'll eat with me :)

Mom said...

I'm having leftover lasagna tonight. Now I want Chili's.

kristi lee said...

That cake is THE BEST!

Holly O. said...

You totally get me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Although thankfully I am off Oreos. For now. Cuz I've moved onto Chilis.

Heather said...

Yummy foods! I love those Southwest Egg Rolls! I haven't had then in way too long and need to correct that.

Barb McLean said...

Hayley... I'm pretty sure I gained a few pounds just reading this blog! My mouth just watered all over the keyboard... ummmm Chilli's!