the difference between wanting & needing

so, last night Garrett & i had to run into Tar-gret to get a few things. including some double stuff oreos - cause i wanted chocolate so bad, i was about ready to kill someone/something. so we headed over to the cookie aisle. they had regular oreos - no thank you, not enough stuffing. they also had reduced fat oreos. but. come on people. what is even the point of reduced fat oreos. we all know they're not great for us, we all know there would be healthier choices to be made. the mere thought of reduced fat oreos really just chaps my a*^. and furthermore - why am i not swearing on my own damn blog these days? ass. there. i feel better. moving alone. no double stuff oreos. i was traumatized & i'm sure my poor husband was, too... he was probably thinking "can i bail, right here & now? she's about to cry over the lack of double stuff?" so we walk away, and my shoulders were slumped & i just wanted to pout. (garrett even offered to stop at walmart and get some. but i wasn't going to take him up on the offer, cause i felt a little ridiculous.)

we round the corner & run into an old teaching acquaintance. we catch up for a few minutes - blah blah blah... when all of a sudden 2 target manager type guys round the corner & politely ask us if we're finding everything we're looking for. i'm sure this was one of those times like when people ask you how you're doing... we all know they don't really want an honest answer - they just want a quick, polite response. but boy, did i unload. i said, "actually, no, i'm not finding everything." and proceeded to make a big spectacle of myself. (i'm sure all of these men that were present were a) feeling sorry for Garrett & b) screaming in their heads HORMONES!) i ended my rant with "but, i'll survive, don't worry about it." or something along those lines. they almost pissed me off when they asked if we'd looked on the shelves... and so i went into more of a tirade about reduced fat oreos (you already heard my schpeal) and they came back and apologized.

we continue to talk to my ol' friend... i thought i was done with the worker dudes. a few minutes later, they approach. worker guy #1 says, "we checked in the back to see if we have anything, and found a few packages... do you still want them?" and then guy #2 shows that he's got 3 packages in his hands. WOW. WAS I IMPRESSED. and a little sheepish.

but i took 2 of those packages, cause it's food supply, right? and i just wanted to spend more money at the target because if they're going to employ helpful, friendly employees - then i'll continue to do my best to help their business.

and we only ate one whole row of the double stuffs last night. now you might be thinking that is a lot, but you should know i did hold back. i could've easily finished off the whole package, on my own, without Garrett's help. do you feel sorry for him or what? i did a little for him last night. don't worry, when i'm emotional, i can't really stop it - but i'm at least sane enough to realize that i'm being ridiculous.

now... to the point of this post. goodnightnurse! this morning - i was trying to squeeze into my pants. could barely do it. these pants fit proper like in the beginning of january. but we've had so much fun since we got married (eating), i could barely squeeze my oinker into these guys this morning. immediately the thought that crossed my mind was "shit. those oreos last night didn't help this situation." so i say to garrett, "i need to lose weight. i can barely fit into my clothes." he says, "i know you want to lose weight & we can do that together, but i think you look beautiful!" {insert sigh here. yes, he was sincere. and yes, he is wonderful. and jared, go puke for all i care, just chew some gum afterwards...} and then i smiled, cause he made me feel good... but i corrected him. i said, "i don't want to. i need to. so i can fit into my clothes is all." there is a difference.

in other news - contacts today. good times. even did my hair!


Shelley~Maren said...

Ok, officially, I love Garrett (for you... not for me). I love that he says you're beautiful (because you soooo are) when you're down on yourself (new John does that too, he even told me not to lose too much weight! hah!)

Anyway, maybe the hormones, and pants not totally fitting are because of PMS bloat?

I need to fit into my smaller pants too. *sigh*

Jared Ward said...

(sounds of chewing gum) Outstanding post today done in true Hey, Hay Hay form. Nothing makes me want to swear more than no double stuff oreos when all you really want are double stuff oreos. I don't even know why they bother making any other kind of oreo cookie than the double stuff version. I had an inside out oreo once and all I could think was, "If I wanted a freaking EL Fudge cookie, I would have bought one!" Why do they toy with your emotions? I mean you are walking down the cookie aisle, excited because your hours of begging has finally led to your wife agreeing to let you purchase the oreos, and you see that beautiful sea of blue wrappers. Then you get to the chasm where the double stuff should be, and the regular, the low fat, the mint, and the whatever the hell holiday it is that they made an oreo for this time are there mocking you for taking your sweet time in getting to their doubley-stuffed cousins.
Long story short, (except I already told the long part) double stuff oreos are the king of all cookies. In fact, one time Madeline had a hold of a pack of them, and I showed her some other cookies and asked if she would like them instead. She responded by saying, "No dad, because I can just dunk these in the milk the best." Amen to that!

Mom said...

Nothing worse than putting on pants that are tight that just fit a few weeks ago. Are you sure they are the new pants that you just got. You are not trying to pull a dad with the wedding suit are you?

Elizabeth Ward. said...

I'm having one of those "Everything is pissing me off days today" and your Oreo story is the icing on the cake. You did end up with cookies at the end of the night. I can't even eat them because this kid inside of me won’t let me eat anything (not even drink water) without having serious heartburn. I have been up till 3 or 4am the last three days because of it and this morning my sweet 4 year old got in bed with me and started demanding a nice warm choco. She would not take in a minute for an answer. And that is just the start of my day.
So I ask you Hayley to put on some stretchy pant and eat a row of Oreos for me. Dip each one in milk till it is nearly soaked through and eat the whole thing in one bite. Then drink a big glass of milk. I haven't had a big glass of milk since July. Sobbing... Do it for me Hayley, please. Go on a diet when the cookies are all gone.

Heather said...

YUM, now you have me craving Oreos!! Those sound so so so good. I must admit, I have tried the reduced fat and I MUST say it's a why bother. But I do enjoy the mint...just saying. AND I do enjoy an EL Fudge, but if it's an Oreo you want, they can't be beat!

Holly O. said...

1. fitting into clothes is overrated.
2. I am not too picky in the Oreo department. I don't mind regular. I don't like inside out...good call Jared. I do like mint. Peanut butter is only so so.
3. That being said, I agree wholeheartedly with you about reduced fat Oreos.
4. I'm never disappointed with the Tar-gret workers.

Hayley said...

liz, before you even commented, i did it this after noon... eat a whole row, i mean - each one dunked to perfection. but just because my heart goes out to you - i'll go do it again ;) and i'm not starting my diet til our one month anniversary. strictly that is, unless forced to sooner, due to no clothes fitting. i would wear sweat pants to school, if i wouldn't get fired, but i fear i might, so i won't. yet.

Katey said...

Hayley, you crack me up. I just laughed through the whole post. It's funny how when you're set on something you are SET on it. (and not just you...all of us!) Nothing less will sufice and luckily Target's awesomeness found you what you needed.

Good luck on the pants fitting thing...that's not my most favorite feeling but alas, it happens sometimes!

em said...

I love that you yelled at the Target people for no oreos. You rock.

MiaKatia said...

That is so cool that they went and found you double stuff oreos! Now I want some double stuffs!

pammy said...

Hayley, I so love to read your blog! You just make me smile! :)

Suzie said...

Love that boy of yours.

you guys make such a great couple. Brings joy to this lady's heart!