25 things... about Garrett

I think everyone that is involved with facebook has seen the 25 things recently. i haven't done it, because i've listed miscellaneous things about me a couple of times on my blog... but - i'm doing this now, with a twist. cause i'm just obnoxious enough to wanna make jared gag. (in case you haven't caught on to this - jared, garrett's brother that i really do enjoy, made a comment about wanting to puke at the cheesiness of my blog as of late. and i'm just stubborn enough to now really push the cheese.)

so i give you: 25 things I love about Garrett A Ward.
  1. he is the first person i've ever known that i never get sick of him. i could spend every minute with him & not get worn out. i seriously don't think there is anyone else in the world that i feel that way about.
  2. he makes me laugh. every day. about something. sometimes so hard that i cry.
  3. he is incredibly talented. in so many aspects.
  4. i admire how humble he is about it, too.
  5. he lets me play with his curly hair. it's the perfect length right now. and when we drive around town together, i can't help but want to run my fingers through it.
  6. he is amazingly grounded about the church. he has a strong testimony.
  7. he is a wonderful example, yet he is always gentle about it. i love having the priesthood in my home. which leads me to:
  8. he makes me want to be better.
  9. he is so supportive. i don't doubt that he would stand up for me to anyone.
  10. i love how much he gets me. me and all of my many quirks.
  11. he is easy going. when i get worked up, he is relaxed. in just the right amount. he doesn't blow me off.
  12. i love how on the ball he is. he doesn't need to be nagged to do things. he just does it.
  13. i love how generous he is.
  14. and yet i love how responsible and conservative he can be. i need to be grounded there, too.
  15. he smells good. which is a good thing for my very sensitive nose.
  16. he knows things. i like smart people.
  17. i love that i can read his expressions.
  18. i love how much my nieces and nephews love him.
  19. i love how he is with his nieces and nephews - and it's just different because they've known him for so long. whereas my sister's children, it's all new. not phony, just different.
  20. i love that he appreciates when i cook. it makes me want to cook delicious things for him all of the time. i love his appreciation for food in general, really.
  21. i love how complimentary he is. is that worded correctly? he compliments me all the time. and i've never felt like he was being insincere. on our first real, just us date, he told me he liked my behind. (sorry garrett, didn't mean to out you there...)
  22. i love listening to him sing. yesterday at church, i even told him that he could sing as loud as he wanted to. ha.
  23. i love that i get to spend the rest of my life with him. when i found him, i had accepted that i wasn't going to find anyone. i was going to be happy regardless. but then he came along... and i can't imagine life without him now.
  24. i love that when i think about him i smile. in fact, for the last 6 months, i'm smiling so much more... even before i'm consciously thinking about him. cause he's always on my mind and he is always making me happy.
  25. i love that i know that he feels the same way, too.
this list could go on and on. i've deleted things and added things. i could easily go to 50 right now, but i won't. cause that's not the way the cool kids on facebook are doing it these days.


Katey said...

Oh love!

Don't worry, someone mentioned the 25 random things in their church talk yesterday. Good times!

garrett said...

I love you, too, Hayley! I can't get enough of you. I feel so appreciated by you and when you say and do things like this, it makes me want to be better and actually deserving of your praises. I hope your version of me and the real version of me become the same thing. I'll try to be that version because I love you so much!

Heather B said...

I started crying at #23. I thought I was good to comment, but then I read Garrett's comment, and I started crying again. (I blame the pregnancy hormones.) You two are perfect for each other and you seem so in love!

Jared said...

Watch for my 25 random things coming soon to a Facebook page near you. I am not sure I can safely continue reading your blog. I have a new iMac and the keyboards are quite expensive. I am running out of excuses for our tech guy as to why I keep having these sudden fits of vomiting and regularly need a new keyboard. If you think that is bad, you should see my laptop! All told, I think your blog has cost Jordan District about $462.83 (roughly).
Also, I really do enjoy you, too. You're so sweet to say such a nice thing. Maybe you could do a blog post about the 25 things you like best about me?
Sorry we missed your family night last night. Maybe you guys can take us to India Fusion to make up for it.
Love you guys!

Holly O. said...

Ahhhhh. I wonder if I can come up with 25 things about my other half. Hmmmmmmm.

Melissa said...

You must be in love....just give it a few years!!! JK (I still love my husband)

Holly O. said...

We know you love Garrett, can we get some new material please?