"how come everything looks wierd?"

do you think i watched 4 movies today? i did.

do you think i went to mcdonalds for breakfast again, for the second day in a row? i did.

do you think that i stayed in pajamas all day & didn't shower? i did. (sorry garrett)

do you think that i finished all but the last 50 or less invitations? i did.

do you think that i took many computer breaks today? i did.

do you think that i wasted way too much time on facebook today? i did.

do you think that i only got to the second page of my new book? i did.

do you think that i had such a good time at brookey's baby shower last night - reminicing & talking with old chicago peeps? i did. it even was so much fun that i had to call my dad & tell him about it.

do you think that i hope tomorrow i can finally sleep in past 7 am? i do.

7 days left until i leave for heather's. 7 days after that & garrett comes. oh & then it'll be christmas! only 37 days until we get married! HOLY COW.


garrett said...

I love that there's no explanation of the title. Makes me happy.

Oh, and HURRAY FOR CHRISTMAS!! EVEN HURRAY FOR 37 DAYS!!! It's getting so close!

Hayley said...

explanation: i didn't have a title for this post. garrett was apparently just getting on google reader for the first time in many days & noticing the new lil' setup they've got going on. he was being a tidge whiney about the changes. sorry baby, just sayin'.

so. that's it.

Holly O. said...

I could handle a movie day. Too bad my movies would all be cartoons I have seen 20 times.

Jamie said...

I could answer "i did" to most of those questions most days too. I do have to admit that I never get to watch 4 movies in a day...at least not 4 movies that I choose to watch anyhow.

It is getting close. So excited for you!!! Oh, and will you will be our neighbor? That's the impression I have been getting

Mom said...

Sounds like you are having a nice break from the usual routine. Enjoy.

Christina said...

So much excitement coming! Hooray for you, Hayley! And cute hiar, btw.

Barb McLean said...

Hayley you lucky girl. Movies are my favorite escape in the world! Can't wait to see you in Portland at Danny's wedding!

Melissa said...

You must be off track...yeah for you!

Heather said...

Sounds like a nice day-facebook can suck you in huh? What movies did you watch, can you say? haha

Heather said...

Oh I know what i was going to say, have you watched that show Worst Week on CBS? We can get it on demand on comcast. I think you would be amused.