welcome november

i have the cutest nieces and nephews in the world. not only are they physically cute, but they've also got fantastic personalities... check out my sister's posts about halloween here and here. seriously, its a good thing i'm fixin' to see both bunches of kids soon. hojo's this weekend, garrett & i are going to get our engagement pictures done. and christmas at heather's... tickets were bought last week, i'm super excited for my last single girl trip out to her house.

in other news... heidi's super fancy choir performed in the Tabernacle this weekend. we were able to go listen to a performance. i sat next to garrett while holding annie and was overwhelmed with love. it got me super excited for the holidays, to just enjoy blessings and family. to get more excited about the near future. (she's also still trying to get me to join said choir... i don't think i have it in me, but it was awesome to listen to them perform!)

it was also so nice and relieving to be able to spend time with my parents this weekend. my dad made it back safely from dubai. i'm always nervous the whole time he's over there. even if he was sicky & tired all weekend, it was just comforting to know he's back & safe.

i also must add in here - i've been loving the weather. its been a warm fall. i don't mind. we had a cold spring. i'm ready for it to come, but mostly just cause i feel like we've had a good time slowly moving into it. and i've gotten good milage out of not using my heat or air.


Tiburon said...

So glad to hear your dad made it back safely!

And glad to hear that you enjoyed the concert.

Can't wait to see how the engagement photos turn out!

I am soooo with you on the weather too!

Mom said...

Weather in Salt Lake was beautiful as it was in St. George and here in Chicgo. Crazy to have windows open in November. I took a drive today and the colors are changing and they are beautiful. So much red and yellow in trees and bushes.
Those nieces and nephews Hayley referred to are my grandchildren. What more can I say.

Heather said...

Ohhh I like you new blog layout. I need to change mine! I'm excited about Christmas too!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holly O. said...

Get your buns down here!!!