mustang memories

my mom wants to hear stories about the mustang aka the bitch. i'm sure she's thinking she's going to hear something way naughtier than she's really going to hear...

  • the emergency brake didn't work. if you pulled it, something bad happened & it wouldn't drive. i didn't learn this from experience, i learned this from my dad. so i never pulled it. but people always taunted me with pulling it.
  • the rear view mirror fell off all the time. so i was constantly super gluing it back up. then there was the one time i super glued my fingers together. pointer & thumby. brooke had to pry my fingers apart with a hardbound book. they bleed like crazy. all while i was driving.
  • the air conditioning didn't work. the heating didn't work. that should be self explanatory - cause its super hot in the summer in chicago. and its super cold in the winter.
  • the door often froze shut or maybe it wasn't the door, maybe it was just the lock. so if i was lucky, i could get in on the passanger seat & crawl over. sometimes i had to go in through the trunk. including one memorable time when this happened in the driveway of the people that i babysat for. it was a dark winter night. the dad had watched me from the door & when he noticed that i was having a hard time getting in, he came out. i wasn't aware that he was standing outside the car & was probably swearing up a storm. then i screamed when i saw him there & probably made both of us pee our pants.
  • the car lurched. if the fan was going... you needed to compensate at stop lights/signs. cause you didn't stay where you started... i think i got so many dirty looks & a few gestures because people probably thought i was just an obnoxious driver - but no, i left ample room when i stopped at a light for a reason. and i didn't let off the break... it had a mind of its own.
i should also share some stories about rides in brooke's car(s) we went on so many mini road trips. but i'll save those stories for another time, i hope i haven't bored you too much.

so mom - i hope that wasn't anything you didn't already know.


Mom said...

I'm totally surprised. That was your dad's car and it is hard to believe he let it go downhill like that. Even my 17 year old Honda ran better than that. Just so you know, we just paid $400 to have the emergency brake in the Blazer fixed.

Holly O. said...

That is crazy. We had that car after you did and it didn't have all those problems. Remember we had a hitch installed and we pulled a trailer when we were first married? Good times. You have your memories of that car and I have mine.