"dishes are done, dude"

ok, so maybe the dishes aren't all done, in fact, i'm pretty sure there's a little stack in the sink right now, but... the majority of my stress is done. well sorta. we've still got a lot of moving to do. but my back is feeling better. not 100% yet, but i'm not downing pain pills like they're candy any more, either. my cold is also doing better, my mind isn't as cloudy from sinus pressure. Garrett put up our christmas decorations yesterday. i love looking at our little tree, and i love that its a combo deal of both of our collections. i don't know why, i honestly thought - knowing me - that having his stuff at my house would stress me out... but it hasn't... it feels more homey, and i love it. sure, its more crowded, but i think i'm realizing that as he's moving his stuff into my house, it means we're closer to the wedding, closer to really starting the rest of our lives together. whoa. sentimental hayley kicking into high gear. i'll just leave it at this - i'm more excited than i would've ever expected of myself to share these holidays with him, with his family and to have him with my family. oh my goodness.

i also know garrett's looking forward to a few things this week... being done with his biggest loser competition, finishing up with all of the moving. i'm going to make him his own pumpkin pie treat. he's earned it, whether he wins or not - which i think he will... every one keep your fingers crossed for him!

oh, i also ordered wedding invitations this weekend, too... super excited about that, too. luckily i'll have one week when i'm off track in december to get them addressed & mailed out. then i'll be off to heather's house for christmas. what a busy, exciting time!


tiburon said...

CANNOT wait to get the invite!

So glad things are calming down and coming together :)

Sarah Young said...

Hayley, you make me laugh out loud. I LOVED your crazy fun engagement pictures and am SO happy that Garrett is such a rock star of a future husband. When you have an awesome other half in your life, there's nothing you can't tackle!

Jamie Harker said...

Can't wait to see how they turn out! Hope you're loving them!

Julie said...

Garrett definitely sounds like a keeper- I'm so excited for you girl.