an unplanned trip

so i had today & tomorrow off. i got up this morning, late, lazed around - bored out of my mind - went to lunch with heidi & the kids... came back home... putz-ed around some more... didn't feel like cleaning, although i could've. didn't feel like exercising, although i should've. in fact, altogether, i was kinda feeling saddish about not being gone for the weekend. sad cause i really really really missed holly's boys. i saw them last 2 months ago & then before that a month before that. sad because that's just too long for an auntie to go without seeing her boys. and with garrett being incredibly busy at work these days & not wanting to be needy or whiney about that - you know, a woman should stand behind her man kinda mumbo jumbo, it is lonely at my house now. (i never, in a million years, would've guessed that i'd be saying that. but i do. i say it now. i don't like being alone at night now. its very quiet & i miss him.) anyway - i was feeling blah today. the kind of blah where you don't want to do anything that you should do. i even tried reading my book all afternoon, but instead i was watching leftovers of the king of queens on tbs. yes, i call reruns leftovers. and leftovers reruns. deal with it. anyway - i got to talking to holly & texting with garrett & next thing you know, i'm packing. on my way to say goodbye to garrett, oh & he filled up my tank for gas. cause he's THE BEST. and then i even got teary eyed saying goodbye to him. cause even though i really want to see connor & will & hojo, i really am missing garrett. and the reason i'm down here now is because he worked until 8.30 tonight, probably will tomorrow night & probably will need to work on saturday, too.

so, now instead of being bored senseless at home, i'm going to be here at holly's until sunday morning, going crazy chasing around these 2 little boys. and missing garrett. and texting him a lot. and calling him often. and counting down the hours til i get to see him again.

so anwyay. you really never know what the next 15 minutes has in store for you.


Tiburon said...

I am glad you were able to get your hiney ho down to Santa George! I hope you have a super fantastic weekend. And I am sure that Garrett will miss you more than the sea :)

Jamie said...

Whew! I have forgotten what it was like to be able to make last minutes decisions like that. So glad you could go and be with your boys :)