nose pinch - strangest thing

ok. the night before last, i woke up with a terrifying pain in my leg. a charlie horse - which i've never had one before. so i didn't know certain things. like that you're supposed to get up and stretch it out, eat a banana, or use heat & ice to make it better.

a) it was the middle of the night when it happened, and i just wanted to go back to sleep.
b) ouch! what miserable, shaking pain. it made me think of "two and a half men" - the episode from this week when Alan got shocked by his girlfriend. and for the rest of the episode he'd just go into shaking spasms. ha.
c) that charlie horse made me gimp around all day yesterday. whah. plus i had some stomach issues yesterday, to put it gently - double whah.

so garrett came over last night & i asked him how you make a charlie horse go away. he had already given me those above listen solutions - and since I hadn't done one of them, he looked it up. good ol' google. the first remedy he found was to pinch the area of skin where your nose meets your upper lip. as he was reading, i started doing & IMMEDIATELY noticed that the pain was going away. how freaky deaky is that?!?

so, long story short - who says we can't use the internet to self diagnose & treat ourselves!?!


Tiburon said...

Wowsa - that is bizarre!

Shelley said...

I just pinched my nose in that spot, and I don't even have a charlie horse. hah!

Holly O. said...

Good tip. Fanks.