what a lovely day

late this morning, after i'd finished my exercising and at least my 2nd conversation with good ol' neddie on the phone discussing wedding plans, i realized that today would be my last off track chance of having lunch with garrett. so i texted him and we quickly decided to have lunch on this, my last day off track.

i jumped in the shower and shaved my legs with a vengeance. an hour later, i was on my way.

we decided to hit the cafe rio. nothing tops lunch with your sweetheart better than choosing a place like the rio. for a little rhia later, if you get what i'm saying. so garrett decides to get the thursday special - tamales. what i like about the specials is that they come with drinks. so in line, we had a discussion about if we could share the drink (me, begging) and if so, what we could drink. i thought that since we're having a nice little romantical lunchy, we could indulge a bit, by drinking the dr - heaven on earth. he wanted to do diet coke (ick. gag me with a spoon. i'd sooner drink water.) then he tried to negotiate for lemonade. again, water - if i'm going to waste my calories, i wanna enjoy thoroughly. seeing as how he's perfect & wonderful, he gave in and let me get a dr pepper. hey, i shared. after the first refill. which he got.

let me get to the point. i filled the drinks, he carried the food. i was the only one who handled or touched the drinks in any way shape or form. i was spazzy before i'd even eaten or drinkin'. (i'm still spazzy and when i'm spazzy, i make words up to my liking. tough for you if you don't like when people do that. i do it. and this is my blog, so bite me) so we sit down, and i go to take my first, LONG AWAITED drink. and as i'm sipping, scratch that - gulping is probably more appropriate - my lap starts getting wet! i look down, dr pepper is spilling all over my salad (that's not what i was unhappy about... it was my light khaki's that made me snap) and my pants. i didn't think, i just blamed (see heather, apparently - i'm going to do it, too) and semi-yelled, "Garrett!!! what did you do?"

now... before it was even done getting out of my mouth, i was realizing that it was my fault. i had poorly attached the lid to my drink. but sometimes a girl talks faster than she thinks. and luckily, said girl has found a wonderful, patient and witty man - who can deal and put up with her. garrett's response was: yeah, i'm sorry for messing with the top, that i haven't even touched! i apologized, he accepted, lunch was not ruined. we laughed over it. he knows i'm a raging lunatic. hello- that's an easy one to figure out. plus, i think he was entertained at my enjoyment level at the drinking of the dr pepper.

we enjoyed the rest of our lunch mainly discussing wedding plans. we're both thrilled with how smoothly things are coming along. we're both super excited. he's adamant about having lots of pictures taken. i'll be a good sport there (i think... i mean, i'll try) and try my hardest not to make silly faces, but i'm kinda known to do so.

i just had to post this lil' story - cause it shows a couple of things... i'm silly. i like it. i can't help it. you have to be able to enjoy yourself. i'm so thankful to have found someone who can roll with, and even enjoy me. also, i made it 13 days straight with no dr pepper. i indulged a bit today, but it was a special lunch. i'm going to skip it again for another 2 weeks. (hey, i've started losing weight & momma likey those benefits!) we're in operation-no-chubby-bride full swing around here!

ok. i'm off to the treadmill, so that its open when garrett comes over tonight. toodles. (oh, even though i already exercised this morning, i'm doing it again tonight, to make up for a heavy & calorie filled lunch.)


Holly O. said...

G-Funk is a very good man. I love the tamales too!

100 Percent Cottam said...

you will find that a husband's most important role is blaming stuff on. looks like garrett is up to the task - nice. you will love having kids and/or dogs, too. you can blame your farts on them. "eww! is somebody stinky???"

tara said...

the DISCIPLINE!! well done hayley. and that was a DP well deserved.
glad G can roll with the punches:)

SRiggsPots said...

Have tons of pictures taken. The only regret I have abput my wedding is skipping the photographer because I don't really like my photo taken. Now I wish I had pictures to be able to look back at. My wedding day was one of the best days of my life because I didn't worry about traditions or what I was supposed to do. (We had a popcorn and gummy worm table where guests could fill Chinese take out containers with treats.) Have fun think about what you love and celebrate it.

Sarah Young said...

That is one of the things I love most about marriage...well besides the obvious...ahem, perks... but anyways I digress. Here's this person that knows every bad or annoying thing about you and yet they totally dig you anyway! Gotta love it!

Mom said...

You need someone to blame and spouses are the best. Later on when the cookies and candy are missing you blame the kids.
Sounds like you had a fun lunch. I'm a rio fan, too. I can hardly wait to try the Friday special with the pasta.
Have a great day at "back to work day."

Tori said...

I can't believe you're talking about my brother. Sometimes it just doesn't sound like the boy I know! :) It MUST be love! You two kiddies are just too darn cute! Makes me miss those early years of my marriage. Don't get me wrong though, I LOVE my Garth, it's just the early years are so much fun because it's all still so new a fresh.

Heather said...

Oooh tamales sound good. Just remember MODERATION that's the key. And a little blaming never hurt anyone.

Heather said...

Oooh tamales sound good. Just remember MODERATION that's the key. And a little blaming never hurt anyone.

Holly O. said...

I want some Rio today.