making me smile these days:

*games played with Will this weekend. I rode in the backseat with him a lot this weekend & that baby is starting to play lots of silly games. he thought it was soooooo funny to bite my finger. and he kept giving me his foot to kiss. and his smiles and laughter - they just melted my heart!

*helping munch go on the big boy potty. he's growing up way too fast. i love that kid.

*"garrett!!! you listened to me!" that's what garrett's niece said sunday night when we went over to his brother's house. apparently she'd been asking to see me for a few days. i think we have a healthy, mutual affection for each other. she bounces off the walls when i'm around. and i don't know if there's a cuter little girl out there!

*picking up my mail this morning & finding a lil' package from jamie for me. along with a very thoughtful card, this is what i found: *bookclub is back in action - we take a summer break. it was good to get together with m'ladies last night again.

*a lil' haircut yesterday afternoon. just enough to tidy things up. thin things out... no one's noticed and i'm just fine with that. its not a huge change, but just enough for me to feel better.

*i also picked up a classical cd yesterday. i've been wanting to get one for school for a while. and you know what? my kids are working so quietly right now, listening. plus, i hear its supposed to help kids learn better. whatever it takes, i'm willing to try.

*a "massive ear infection"... which i know you wouldn't typically think would make someone smile. but i had a physical yesterday, scheduled ahead for weeks. for the last 2 weeks, i've been getting the vision blurring "sparkle kaleidescope" migraines. i was a little concerned, but knew i'd be going to the doctor, so i didn't make an extra trip in. in the last week, i've gotten waves of pretty intense ear pain, but honestly didn't think much of it. saturday night, i was slammed with cold symptoms. felt pretty miserable. so i went to my physical yesterday with a list of complaints. he took one look in my ear and almost shouted that a person with that bad of an ear infection shouldn't be functioning. i told him to say that into my good ear. good news is: migraines should stop & medicine is flowing through my veins.


Kristin Jones said...

Looks like you've got lots to smile about!

Holly O. said...

Your charm is adorable!!

Tiburon said...

You have MUCH to smile about :)

Jan said...

You sound like you are smiling and I love that. Hope the ear gets better ASAP.