apparently its not an accident that the Chinese chose today to start the Olympics. 8 is considered one of the luckiest numbers. and a day like this only comes around once a century.

this morning while getting dressed & listening to the news, Matt Lauer started talking about Michael Phelps and the song "Stronger" started playing in the background. I did a little dance & got a little choked up. I'm excited. The Olympics are here...

Considering that I'm not an athlete, I really enjoy the Olympics. I enjoy watching these people struggle, succeed & shine. Its amazing what some people can do.

I can't wait to watch the opening ceremonies tonight - I hear they're going to be spectacular. I think its so neat that we're having that Lost Boy from Sudan carry our flag in to represent our country. (I might have just gotten a little choked up again...)

What are your favorite events to watch?

Who is the athlete that you're most excited to watch?
I will admit, I really wanna see Michael Phelps kick some trash. And that Dara Torres - amazing woman!!!


Shelley said...

I love that song. Was it the 1996 Olympic games... I bought the soundtrack to them BECAUSE of this song... I believe I still have it (somewhere) too.


Holly O. said...

That kid from Sudan should be competing for...Sudan.

Holly O. said...

Okay, I thought my last comment was funny but now I realize it could quickly be considered offensive.

I am most excited for Michael Phelps too. And I like to watch gymnastics.

Mom said...

I did watch the opening and it was really something. I especially enjoyed the little boy that survived the earthquake. I like to watch the gymnastics and I think our team this year looks like they could take the gold just with their cute smiles.

Sarah Young said...

The opening ceremony was AMAZING! I just kept sitting there thing, wow, I've never seen anything like this! I was so mad at myself though, I watched the first 3 hours and then crashed on the floor, waking up at minght and it was over! Darn sleep-deprivation!

P.S. Can't wait for gymnastics and women's volleyball!

Sarah Young said...

I swear I can usually spell, which you wouldn't be able to tell from my previous comment. I'm retarded!

Schagel Family said...

I am so excited about watching Lacey Nymeyer (freestyle swimmer in the 4x100 with Dara). I grew up with her and I used to swim with her. Our families are really close. She was so awesome tonight. They won the silver. Lacey had her best slip ever. She will be swimming again in the individual 100 free on Thursday. I am so excited to see it.
Phelps was way awesome tonight, killing the world record. He is so amazing.

Jan said...

My visiting teacher is there now -- they had tickets for the opening ceremonies and then were getting tickets for other events. Amazing stuff.