i guess it, my dad confirmed it.

i saw the dark knight. i loved it. its dark. i know. maybe i'm dark. but it was a classic. instantly.

i noticed right off the bat (haha) that it reminded me of chicago. the license plates look like illinois plates. there was a river in the middle of the city. there was an elevated train. with streets underneath it. i am pretty sure i whisper yelled to brooke during the movie "that looks like chicago"

my parents saw it tonight. my dad brought it up, he said "they filmed that in chicago." i knew it! (i also love having a smart dad!)

this may be silly of me... but it just makes me like the movie MORE.

plus heath ledger rocks as the joker. he's creepy, intoxicating, creepy, and just simply amazing.

check these plates out:


Tiburon said...

Looks AND brains. She is a double threat!!
I think I am seeing this badboy tomorrow :)

Mom said...

Yes, that is a Chicago shot film. Wacker Drive was a giveaway for me.

Heather said...

Ahhh, very intersting! I do need to see that movie. Hunter and Scott really liked it.

tara said...

I LOOOOVED it too. Christian Bale just GETS to me man. He's so AWESOME as batman, or anyman really. How INCREDIBLE was heath? man oh man. Jeff and I want to see it again. The more I think about it the more I LOVE it.

Melissa said...

Seeing it tonight, can't wait!

Holly O. said...

I'd like to enjoy this flick again myself. We knew it was Chicago too. Yo yo yo. Mom said wacker. haha.