big dumb animal

yep, that's me. a big dumb animal.

exhibit a - last night, i get these cute invitations for brooke's shower. with just enough invitations... i know this because i counted to begin with. to start, i had the proper amount of invites & envelopes. i get working & about an hour later, i get to the last one - and there's the envelope, but no invite. luckily (for me, not them) this one was for brooke & her sister (brooke's living at said sister's house right now) - so i texted brooke and apologized but that i was going to have to send her and jenny a fakey. lame ass! i seriously got out a note card & wrote the details on it for them. cause i'm that cool. where in the hell did that invitation go?!? its a mystery. and i searched for it.

exhibit b - i thought my way through postage yesterday while i was out. i was sure i had enough... go to put postage on those guys last night - and low and behold - i've got enough stamps, but they're mostly the 41 centers. so a trip to the post office will be made today to get a bunch of 1 cent stamps. i'm a walking disaster.

when am i going to learn my lesson that if i think i have it - and i'm out shopping - to just get it, because i NEVER HAVE IT.

exhibit c - one of my kids gave me a really cute little end of the year present yesterday. i had it after school yesterday & then it didn't make it into my house last night. so i was convinced i left it on my desk. get here this morning - nope. shoot. so i wander around to my friend's rooms & snoop, nope didn't leave it there either... panic sets in again. i finally decide after wandering my school for a good 10 minutes, to go back out to my car & get a dr pepper. guess what i find when i pop my trunk?! dumas! the present. i couldn't just remember that's where i put it, could i?!? arg.

now - today is the last day of school... i can't believe it. these kids are a handful, but they're my well trained handful. i will miss them. at least most of them. some a lot a lot. we have lots of fun things to do today & then i'm off to st. george to spend a very long weekend with hojo & boys. i might even get to sneak in a little lunchy with tib before i hit the road. yay!


Hannah said...

I do that kind of stuff all the time! It is so frustrating.

Mindi said...

i've been meaning to ask you where you teach that your last day of school is july and then you start getting ready again in july? are you at a swanky private school?
do brad and angelina's kids go there?

Hayley said...

wish it were that fancy mindi - it just year round public school. thats it. but there is a dad here who is hotter than brad!

100 Percent Cottam said...

join the club, chicky. i am on the brink of being declared braindead.

Jan said...

I swear I spend most of my time trying to figure out what I'm supposed to be doing -- my mind is gone. Sigh.

Mom said...

I think you are the normal and all those crazies that make it in a one- stop- shop are the geeks. I lose my car in the parking lot, too.

Shelley said...

Maybe I'm just a geek, but I *never* do stuff like that. (note the sarcasm...) Dude. I'm just as much of a big dumb animal as you are.

We got these HUGE welcome folders today, and I was oh so excited to bring it home and look at it, fill out my benefits package etc... and this big dumb animal left it on her desk. *smacks forehead*

Tiburon said...

I bet you are wishing you hadn't snuck that lunch in ;)