bathrooms are clean and such

so yesterday i got to the bottom of the piles. and my house looks empty. my bedroom looks huge. (i finally put away connor's "special bed" from their trip here a few weeks ago) this morning i needed to clean the bathrooms. done.

and jori, i feel the need to report - i hit the pool yesterday & came home unburned. yay!

now, here is a thought of mine for the day: i lose a lot of hair in the shower. i have thick hair. tons of it. but i lose handfuls every day. mostly in the shower... i have to use those little hair drain stoppers - cause my tub was starting to drain slow. ick. so now i collect. today's amount was huge. (didn't wash my hair yesterday and if i do that, i always get lots more) does this happen to anyone else? i'm not worried here, just wondering if this is another one of my freak show treats. also - how often do you wash your hair? i'm typically an everyday girl. occasionally on the weekends, i'll skip a day, but i hate it. most people i know only wash every other day. for me that doesn't work. i'd be a grease ball every other day.

now, i'm off to spend some more time at the pool today! have a good one.


Jori said...

Good! No ass whoopin's today.:) I lose tons of hair too. I only wash mine every other day. I should probably do it every day but I'm lazy.

Mindi said...

okay, first i am so jealous that i want to maybe stab you--i have such fine, little hairs on my head that i'm nearly bald. it takes a lot of backcombing (and sometimes extentions) to make me look like not a freak.

i lost most of mine with babies or stress. with you, i'm going with stress.....but sounds like you can produce LOTS MORE TO REPLACE IT, BEE-YOTCH!

MiaKatia said...

I have fine hair, but TONS of it and it sheds quite a bit too. I have to wash my hair everyday because my hair is in the habit of it and I am a grease ball too when I miss. Try brushing it before you shower to see if that gets any of the lose hair out before it hits the drain.

Shelley said...

I shed like a dog. Jon's biggest complaint with me was that I didn't keep track of it, and it'd end up in places he wasn't too happy about. (I didn't do it on purpose I promsie! heh)

Anyway, I also heard it was normal to lose like 50 hairs a day. That seems like a T.O.N. to me, but I guess it's normal?

I also wash my hair daily, and maybe once on the weekend? I'm usually a grease ball too. sux!

Holly O. said...

I have lots of hair too and I wash every day. I don't shed much anymore, although I did about 5 years ago.

Karyn said...

You are definitely not alone in that...I shed like CRAZY. I hate it. When I shower I get these huge hairballs. Although, since I cut my hair shorter, they are much smaller. I do wash my hair every other day, it's healthier, but mostly I do it out of laziness. I hate doing my hair.

Kristi said...

Awww, you lucky girl hanging at the pool all day! And I lose a lot of hair, too in the shower...I don't know why. You have bee-utiful hair, though. I know that!!!I hope you are having a good weekend, Hayley.