the land of the living

i don't feel 100%, but i'm back at work today. and its not too painful. my kids are being awesome. i brought my medicine with me. we've taken it easy. they're happy, i'm happy.

i discovered this weekend that starving myself wasn't going to do the trick. eating actually helped me get better (duh!) in that swallowing food & dr pepper kind of scratched/tickled my froap. and since we all know i like eating, i just did it whenever i wanted. thanks to tib, marge/craig & kim who brought me food over the weekend. you're my hero's. (i figure when he brings me a cafe rio salad late at night, his real name deserves a mention)

i also must admit that i gained a little faith back in the medical profession this weekend. that medicine they gave me on friday might've looped me up, but i definitely think it helped heal me. along with the rest i got this weekend. but i just appreciated that little nurse's concern for me.

yay for there only being 2 more hours til i can go home and crash. i've survived the day, but feel wiped out. i will definitely enjoy an easy evening tonight. at some point, i might even catch up on my blogging!


Tiburon said...

Get some good rest. I am glad I could help with the rebuilding of your strength :)

Now, hurry up and get well!!

Jan said...

So glad you're feeing better -- and also so glad that you have good friends to do stuff for you! Just get feeling better.

Mom said...

So happy you are back in the saddle or up and running? Boy do I sound old.

100 Percent Cottam said...

welcome back, chicky! glad you're feeling better.