holly's on her way home ;(

i had fun with her these last few days. i also had a lot of fun with my nephews. we ate a lot. a lot a lot. i'm fairly certain i now look 7 months pregnant, instead of just 6.

a few of my weekend highlights:
*watching connor play on my park. he's so cute, such an adventurous little tyke. he befriended my next door neighbor's little boy.
*snuggling with bootstrap last night. he fussed for an hour - not quiet able to fall asleep. i'm typically pretty good about letting kids cry it out to go to bed (or any other time they need to cry it out) but this poor baby wasn't in his element. i would wait 15 minutes & then go in & try to do something else. (holly was out on the town... auntie was babysitting) finally i just said "shit. hold the lovebug" so i tinkled & then snuggled on the couch. for an hour. he was out in seconds. and when i finally "transferred" him, he was out & didn't wake up. i was glad he could finally just sleep.
*watching kung fu panda again today. connor enjoyed. and i got to snuggle more with will.
*the drive home from kung fu panda. there's a close by fire house. when we were leaving the shopping area, hojo played the roll of maniac on the road. we were at the light in the left hand turning lane, a couple of cars back. a fire engine comes through the intersection & right behind them an ambulance flips a U-ie. (how do you spell that???) by the time its her turn to turn (she's already in the intersection) that fire truck is coming back... (more later on whats and whys here) holly's in the intersection, making the turn. instead of completing her turn & pulling over, she T BONES THE SIDEWALK. not really t-bones it. but it was the kind of sidewalk that comes to a point directly on the corner. she drove basically into it. it wasn't the right place to go, that's all i know. we laughed so hard. she'd panicked & thats what she did. the car who had to patiently wait for her to back up & move on was laughing as well... clearly they were thinking "what the?!????" oh man. i was tickled. we were driving home & she said, "are you going to blog about that?" of course!
*for the rest of the day today, connor wanted to call the kung fu panda (my dad) and would call him and talk to him about how he fights, what he likes to eat, etc. it was pretty cute, especially considering my dad hasn't seen the movie. he'd talk of course & play along (connor really thought he was talking to the kung fu panda. it was precious) but when i'd get back on the phone, my dad was all nervous that he hasn't seen it... i told him not to worry - connor was fooled.

i love those boys. but i'm terrible and didn't take a single picture of them all weekend. boo.

oh... and back to the fire truck. we think he went somewhere else & flipped around, too... but there wasn't room at that intersection... that's why he came back around. who knows for sure though.


Jori said...

I heart your dad and I heart kung fu panda. Glad you girls had fun.:)

Shelley said...

I'm glad you tinkled before hunkering-down for a good cuddle. That is vastly important. Nothing wrecks a good cuddle like having to get up to pee mid-cuddle... You come back and your sweet spot is gone. Totally wrecked it.

Glad you enjoyed your weekend and had a good laugh with your sis. Memories were made, and that can't be bad. :)

Mom said...

Connor kept saying he wanted to go to "Hayley's house." Now I know why. Sounds like a fun weekend to me for everyone.

Hannah said...

You get the best aunt award, I think! They are darling kids!

Jan said...

I so love it that you love those kiddoes like you do. They need you. I know they have parents who love them but everyone needs someone else in the lives who doesn't 'have' to love them.

Holly O. said...

I think I want to be called t-bone from now on! Thanks for a fabulous weekend!!!!

Mindi said...

good stuff.

you wanna adopt 4 neieces?
they will play nice.

you do sound like aunt of the century. those little boys are lucky.

MiaKatia said...

I heart your dad too. What a great guy pretending to be the Kung Fu Panda. Glad you got time with Holly and the boys this weekend!

Hayley said...

monday morning update: just got a text from hojo. "fire truck just drove by. totally kept my cool" i barked, i laughed so hard. is this only funny to holly & me?!?

Holly O. said...

I think it is just us. No one else can imagine where exactly I drove the car. I wish we could draw a diagram. I wish they could hear our conversation in the car. I wish they could see the look of pure panic on my face when I heard those sirens again. ahhh, good times.