file that under why i love verizon!

last night, i got a text from verizon letting me know that i was going to start incurring charges for going over my minutes. it also gave me a number to call with questions. since i was driving, i did, cause i wasn't sure exactly what that message meant. well here's the thing. i was going to go over my minutes. they let me upgrade to the next plan (without extending my contract) so that i didn't start spending 45 cents on every minute that i used my phone for the next week. and if i decide next month that i don't need all of those minutes (which very well could happen... i was off track & did talk a lot during the day) i can downsize. without extending my contract, again. i greatly appreciate the opportunity to upgrade my plan for $20, instead of racking up $100 in charges for going over. yay verizon! pretty sure that in the 3 + years of being with t-mobile, no such service was ever demonstrated! switch people! you won't regret it! i'm loving being a part of america's most reliable network.


Jori said...

Does that large group following you around bother you?

Mom said...

Yes, that is a very nice feature. I remember the one time I went over and it cost me $190. I had no idea I was over because I had never gone over before.

Mindi said...

i'm with sprint and they have me over a barrel. with my hands tied. and a blindfold on. they pretty much are the devil's spawn.

you are the 3rd person i've heard of in the past 6 months who sings their praises.

i got gipped.

Jan said...

That's awesome. Actually pretty amazing. I am with Sprint and am totally open to a change come October. Thanks for the verizon love!

tara said...

I sing verizon's praises all the live long day for their coverage ALONE. I've had EVERY service out there and they all STINK when compared. dropped calls, crappy service, etc.
i'm with you lady.

ha jori:)

Suzie said...

um. Never EVER heard of a phone company that does that.
Maybe it's time I give Verizon a try.

I can't meet up with you at the Training Table. Keats won his game last night and this may be his last.
Mommin' comes first...most of the time!

I'll miss you and esp those freaking fries & dip.

Shelley said...

Damn skippy! I love Verizon too. I've never come close to using my 450 minutes a month though... Everyone I call and chat with has verizon OR I talk to them on the weekends... (I use like 600+ minutes of night/weekend time).

I <3 Verizon!

Carter Family said...

It was fun chit chatting with you the other day, thanks for making the trip out, twice!