my new best friend, Lia Sophia

I know, I know - I'm going buck wild with parties these days. (*Scentsy party next week at my house - let me know if you need/want directions @ 7:00 pm) I'm also doing another party on May 28th probably around the same time, definitely at my house though. Lia Sophia, this time. I went to a Lia Sophia party a couple weeks ago & caught the craze. I'm not a super frilly person, any jewelry I typically wear, I wear all the time, every day. Since getting my James Avery bracelet for Christmas though, I've been enjoying my jewels a little more, enough to make me want to get a couple of things (or 18)

Let me tell you about a few of the things that I love about Lia Sophia. Every third item you buy is 50% off. They also let that item be your most expensive. If you keep your receipt (that's a must keep!!!) then you can exchange your jewelry for full value at any time. If you decide next year that you don't like it any more, you can exchange. If your jewelry weathers or chips or breaks in any way, you get either a replacement or exhange. Thats a pretty good deal, in my opinion. They jewelry is all nickel free, so if you have sensitive skin, this won't irritate. Also... great hostess benefits :)

If you live in the area, consider yourself invited! (post a comment & let me know if you want to come!) I will be sending out formal invitations soon... If you're not able to come (or you live out of state) & want to place an order, let me know - I can do that, too. Its a fairly safe purchase, cause you have that fabulous exhange/return policy.

Here's some links to a few of my favorite pieces... I can't seem to get pictures. Epiphany bracelet, Scoop bracelet, Bombay bracelet, Serenity necklace, and Garland necklace. Keep in mind, this is a "short" list. a few of my select favorites!

Here's what I've decided about parties. I don't mind throwing them, especially when I really like the product... But I don't want to host them (for Mary Kay) that still sounds like too much to me. Oh well... I'm sure we'll all survive!


Jori said...

You cute little party thrower! I love my Scentsy pot it is fabulous.

Suzie said...

I'll have to check out Lia Sophia. Heard of them but haven't seen their stuff.
I use to do 2-3 parties a week as a jewelery maker for about 5 years and it was good when it was good.

and I would very much like to order some scentsy bars. so when you have your partay for that, would ya let me know!
you party animal!

Tiburon said...

I am sooooo there. I need this: http://www.liasophia.com/sites/kellycardon/group-catalog?SetID=190059&ParentID=190002

Amy said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lia Sophia. Everything I have gotten is great and the one thing that broke, they replaced immediately.

Now, I need to check into Scentsy.

MiaKatia said...

Have fun party girl!

Holly O. said...

I just got on the lia sophia bandwagon too, with Heidi's party. I LOVE MY STUFF!!!! It is loverly. You'll have fun with the parties. You make great appetizers, so you can tempt people to your house with good food too!

Mom said...

Cute jewelry. I'm thinking about those silver hoop earrings.

Jan said...

I wish I could come - their stuff is really beautiful.