gearing up

to spend the morning on the treadie. i already have the boobs "strapped down" (sports bra-ed up) book is in place by treadie. (although its pointless. i'm going to watch movies. i just like to have that option.) water bottle is filled. just need to finish my bowl of cereal & tinkle one more time. (you asked. oh wait you didn't.)

last night i was laying in the world's most comfortable bed - MINE - and I looked down at chuck (no, not my boyfriend. my belly. get with the program) and said to him "i love you, but you are just too big. you gotta go." i will do 100 sit ups today, if it kills me. (someone please call me later today to make sure it didn't actually kill me!!!)

i officially love Patrick Warburton. His character on Rules of Engagement kills me. i need to find a man like him. sadly, i'd be thrilled. (i have bad taste in men, its official! good guys don't do it for me!)

its dark and dreary this morning. raining. its not fitting my mood. i've got all windows and blinds open in my little place. i want to have light, not darky. i'm hyper today. which will probably be killed off by the treadmill in about 10 minutes. ha. its probably a good thing that i'll be spending most of today in solitary confinement (i got my car washed yesterday to get roadkill bugs off of it & refuse to hit the bank and or target until it stops raining...) cause i might be severely obnoxious and bark at more people.

and in other ramblings... do you ever read one book - a "serious" book and then decide to read a fluff book after, cause that next "serious" book just isn't calling your name? i tried that these last few days. wasn't getting anywhere with said fluffer. so today, i'm going to be a rebel without a cause & stop reading that guy & move on to another "serious" book, just not the "serious" one i should be reading (my next bookclub book, which i think might kill me before i enjoy it!) just thought you might like to know i'm in a reading rut, as of last night. but i'm self induced pulling out of it today.

rock on people. enjoy the day. give your babies kisses from me. bathe them so they smell nice, keep freshies on their tooshies, cause if i were there - i'd be pinching the crap out of it! holly & heather, you know the place on the babies legs I'd be getting like mad right now, right?!!

(did anyone catch my use of "fluffer" and if so, did you smile?!? i hope so. i did.)


Heather said...

Hayley you kill me. You do have a distinct taste in (fantasy) men. :) What was the book you couldn't get into, and what are you reading right now? I have been reading the same book forever, it's a good book, I just lay down and fall asleep. UUhgg. Are you alive or did treadie/sit ups kill you? Say HI to Chuck for me!

Tiburon said...
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Tiburon said...

Hayley I heart you so. I am thinking of petitioning the church so I can get you as a sister wife. I am sooo with you on the Warburton - he is actually my next CCC.

Fluffer sooooo made me laugh. See ya later Chuck! Come to PT camp with me. It is at 5:30 AM

Holly O. said...

Wait...do you know what a fluffer is? Didn't we talk about this this weekend? Are you laughing about it because you know what an actual fluffer is now? haha. I love fluffers. All hail the clean car. Don't muck it up.

Hayley said...

hojo - we did talk about it this weekend. i've used the term frequently before i knew what it was.

heathe- the book i don't want to read for bookclub is possession. the fluffer was bookends. i'm resorting to reading escape now. about polygamy!!! controversial!!!

100 Percent Cottam said...

patrick warburton KILLS me. as does rules of engagement, that show is classic. good luck on the treddie.

Mia said...

Hayley you crack me up! I love that you have to pee one more time before you exercise.