i still haven't unpacked. from any or all of my last month's worth of trips. that's three trips people. three different suitcases. i'm getting low on laundry, too - although my baskets don't tell me that, my bedroom floor does.

i still haven't gone through my mail either. 3 piles need to be created. 1 - to file away, cause its important. 2 - to throw away. 3 - to shred, cause its a waste, but has important stuff on it.

i still haven't stopped drinking dr pepper again. i made it far into my day today, but my afternoon headache made me cave. but i did chug 2.5 of my camelbaks today. that's a good thing.

i still haven't hauled my heiny back onto the treadmill. or made it over the the gym to lift either.

i still haven't gotten caught up on commenting on blogs. i'm caught up on google reader. but haven't left comments. i'm about to scratch the idea of getting caught up on that one... but still. i feel a little pressure, or guilt, or something.

i'm kinda being haunted my my stills. and the stinker is that pretty much nothing will get done tonight, either. cause marge and i are going to dinner.

BUT - i'm reading a good book, so its very easy to push everything else to the side. i've been keeping kinda busy with mary kay lately. lots of new products, and even customers, too... can't complain about that. i just need to attack my bedroom. make it so its not a maze anymore.

sorry if i was whiney. i think its the headache talking.


Emily J. said...

Vacations thro everything off don't they. You'll get caught up soon!

Jori said...

Take your time pumpkin. You are a busy gal. Is it just me or could "still" be a book. kinda reminds me of ish.;)

Karyn said...

Glad to have you back. What book are you reading? I need one to get lost in.

Heather said...

Just take your sweet time! You don't have Dad coming this weekend or anything...oh wait maybe you do :) BUT hey you have a few days till he comes, or you could put him to work. No worries!!

Hayley said...

i'm reading a prayer for owen meany. i don't keep everything on my blog sides updated - but i do keep up with my book! ;)

Mom said...

It took me a couple of days to get back in action, too. Remember I was with you on all 3 of those trips. Fun stuff.

Suzie said...

3 suitcases. oh, that paints an image for sure.

and comment guilt? that is a new one.

glad you're back!

Tiburon said...

That is a lot of stills! I hope you are making some progress!

Jan said...

Owen Meany is the BEST book -- glad you're liking it!! And glad you're back. Missed you!