fantastic day

wow - people, i officially want to thank you. i'm a little tired. i've had a lot of love today, so it makes me a little emotional. i'm also very tired, (have i said that yet) so it makes me more emotional. i left my house this morning at 8. its 11. i just got home. i had an awesome birthday. many birthday calls, texts, and i just got home to 35 emails (many of them comments from the blog) wishing me well on my special day. thanks to everyone who contacted me. it always makes a person feel loved.

my birthday started with a sweet birthday letter from my dad. and i started the day with happy tears. i feel so blessed to have my parents and family.

i could go on and on about details of why my day was fascinating. but i'm not going to. at least not tonight. i've gotta go pack - cause my mom wants to leave at the butt crack of dawn to head to st. george. so. i need to go do that. holly - if i only bring one outfit down to st. george, please understand why. :)

oh - i will say this - i just got my turtle charm from tiburon. i love it. i think i made my mom a little nervous on the drive home, cause i had to open the james avery box & pull the lil' guy out and look at him. i'm in love. its the cutest darn charm. ever. thanks again, tib!!!


100 Percent Cottam said...

well hot dang. first i thought i missed the day. then i missed the day. crap. i did leave birthday wishes on your sister's blogs, does that count? happy belated birthday, my dear!!! i do plan to send your gift sometime this week, month and/or year. i'm shooting for week.

hugs. even though we don't' do that.

Tiburon said...

So glad you had a great day! You deserved it!

Have a blast in St George :)

Christie said...

I am so sorry that I missed wishing you a happy birthday! Glad you had a great day! And I am so jealous of your off-track, extended vacation. Have fun.

Suzie said...

Happy Birthday to a girl that is just plain funny, cute & has a huge heart of gold.

Have fun in SG!

Jori said...

I'm glad you had a great day! When we hang out, I'll buy lunch for your b-day. I owe Holly too.

Jan said...

Happy birthday, Hayley!! Love you lots.

Melissa said...

So glad it was a great day...have a great trip.