2 banks - 2 curbs

yesterday after school, kim and i ran some errands. we both needed to go to our respective banks. and then of course we needed dinner. (am i special because i consider dinner part of my errand running?)so we go to her bank first. i rolled the window down, she was still filling out her deposit slip. i was saying "come on idiots, where are you?" and she was like "hayley - they can hear you." and i thought "no they can't - they have to push a button first." so i start making all kinds of special noises, embarrassing the hell out of kim. finally a lady comes. i say "could you hear me?" and she was like "no?" then i felt the need to explain the whole situation. pretty sure that kim wanted to hide at that point. it was so funny. to me at least. on the way out, i totally go up on the curb. slowly. and i got down it slowly.

next up - we hit my bank. i say a few idiotic things again. kim wants to hurt me, i'm sure. we go to leave - i hit the curb again. so special. i seriously need to get a car that is padded in that stuff. ha. i can't even think about what its called. but i hope you get the picture.

then we hit the chilis. not my regular chilis. i am going incognito for a while (trying different locations) BECAUSE ALL OF THE SERVERS KNOW ME AT THE ONE CLOSE TO MY HOUSE. what a mistake. i wanted to load up on dr pepper, in case Tib and I could make it work for a movie later. our server didn't acknowledge us for 10 minutes. now i'm usually super patient with servers. i get that they get busy on a friday night. but she only had 4 tables. she just sucked. the server that was doing the tables across the aisle from us got more drinks for us than our own special helper. so we put our order in. and proceed to sit back & talk. with kimmy - conversation is always good. so it took us a while to realize that we'd been sitting there for a LONG TIME. 45 minutes to be exact. but we're both getting hungry, so we started paying attention. then - our server comes over and admits that she didn't even put our order in yet. yep, you read that right. and she was dumb enough to tell us that she did that to another table just now. OH MY! so we wait another 15 minutes and finally get our food. now. my food wasn't disappointing. my company wasn't disappointing. but the service surely was. i tipped her a dollar. i was trying not to be incredibly cruel, but i wanted to prove a point. i'm sorry but when i have to wait almost an hour and half to get my food, that's ridiculous. especially cause they weren't so busy - did i mention that they sat us immediately last night?!

so. lesson learned: (think the cheers song as you read this) sometimes its worth the awkward conversation with the manager at the chili's who flirts more than you want him to. cause at least you get great service that way. haha. and i need to stay away from curbs. do you remember the time i got my oil changed & dinged the curb too? seriously. i've got issues.

and after dinner - i was pooped. so no movie. i came home, played around on iTunes for a few minutes. then was in bed. i turned the tv on for a few minutes. fell asleep before it was off (used the timer there) and slept in til 6. 6? why is it that during the week, 6 seems like i'm waking up in the middle of the night. its a torturous feeling. but when i could sleep til noon - i wake up at 6. turn over and think "oh no honey - you're sleeping in til at least 7" so i lay there trying to keep my eyes shut for a while. who am i tricking anyway?!?


Heather said...

Yes, Hayley you are a special one. I'm sure Kim was LOVING you. haha

Holly O. said...

All I have to say is I am glad you don't borrow my car very often.