sluggish friday

I didn't want to get up this morning. I fell asleep super early last night. We had our early morning meeting today. I was reminded of a couple of things that I haven't been doing top notchly in my classroom. I need to get on that. I feel some guilt now about what I haven't been doing. Next week - right? But I do feel some excitement about my room, as I've got my Mountain Math & Mountain Language just about ready to start. Monday we're starting & I think it'll be great for my kids.

Side note - my little "pooh chunk" has had a fairly good week. Not for the sub, but for me. He's earned back a few privileges. This morning, he told me that his big brother has been hitting him. I wanted to cry for him. I know we've all mentioned that somethings missing in his life - I haven't doubted it one iota. I told him to tell him mom when he gets hit. If she doesn't do anything, to come tell me. I hate having to get DCFS involved, but this is one of those situations where I will, if needs be. I told him that just how I won't let him hurt anyone, I won't let him be hurt either. I hate thinking about someone getting hurt, even if at times, I want to hurt him.

I have another date tonight with John. I'm excited. We went to lunch on Monday. It was fun. Wish me luck!


Jori said...

Whoohoo Hayley! Glad you guys are going out again. Thanks for looking out for that little guy, wish more teachers were like you.

Mom said...

That little guy is so lucky to have you. Have fun tonight.

Tiburon said...

I can't wait to hear all the details of the date. Tell him Happy Birthday :)

What a great teacher you are. I want to send Ethan to your school!

Heather said...

Poor kid, glad you are his teacher.

Jan said...

I LOVE it that you are standing up for that little guy -- he needs you and you are there for him. You're the best.

100 Percent Cottam said...

ah, that poor little guy.

can't wait for all the dirty details of your date. i'll be expecting an e-mail! ;)