part deux

so conferences ended tonight. and then an hour and a half later, i had another meeting. with the spawn & his parents. and the principal. for his mean and nasty note - which really only topped off the 100 other things that he's done. its about bloody time this happened. it really should've happened probably 3 months ago. but whatev. he's now going to be on a recess contract, where he can work his way up or down the ladder of priviledges. typically, i don't love contracts - but i actually think this will be an effective one. this one is different from any other i've seen before.

oh - also - our resource teacher is this adorable little lady that grew up on Lanai. I love her. From the first time I met her, I knew she was from Hawaii. Just by looking at her. Then I heard her speak & the first thing I said to her was "what island are you from?" its actually funny cause she reminded me of my cooperating teacher when i was student teaching, who also grew up on Lanai. crazy! (they don't know each other, we covered that) anyways. today, she made all kinds of good food. she made these tasty gyoza. mhmm. this momma likey gyoza. in fact, i nearly filled half my plate full. biggest loser or not. i'm not going skimpy on authentic hawaiian food. i'm just not. then she made this chicken & pineapple little number. and of course the rice. oh boy did i stuff myself. i gotta say, i love that woman, more today than ever.

so then Kim and i went to see Vantage Point. Intense movie! pretty good - i don't think you'd be disappointed if you sawr it. give it a whirl, if you want. then we may or may not have eaten at a little pancake place where i may or may not have eaten some chocolate chip pancakes (only half though!) Kim was in rare form tonight. I love when she starts telling stories - she's a great story teller. And when you've got doozies about getting flashed on a beach in London, you're in for good times.

so yes, i ate like a pig and a half today. and yes, i do have a splitting headache. but it was a good day. conferences went well & quickly i might add. and i had a wonderful evening. laughed til my belly hurt. now i'm going to go make friends with some tylenol pm & hope i don't wakey with a migraine. 'night y'all.


Christina said...

Hooray for conferences being done! That is something I don't miss too much at all. I hope the contract whips that kid into shape. Enjoy your weekend!

Jan said...

The Hawaiian food sounds yummy - and so glad you got some 'official' action on your problem child. Hopefully it will help. Have a great weekend!

100 Percent Cottam said...

glad you got to meet w/ spawn's parents again. gotta get that kid whipped into shape.

Holly O. said...

I still can't believe that nasty note he wrote. Second grader!!

Melissa said...

I am so glad there was an intervention with the evil spawn and principal!!! Hope it does some good.