kung fu kicks & bangle bracelets

i didn't eat swell today. but i haven't had a heart attack yet, so i've survived. i did just spend an hour on the treadmill. and i burned 350 calories, so i'm good to go.

my valentine party this afternoon was fun. until, during musical chairs *dude* absolutely freaked out when he got out. he lasted a while, but he got out fair and square. he didn't handle it well. in fact, he double foot kung fu kicked the boy who "cheated & i hate him forever" i thought he was going to blow a gasket. i had to take him out in the hall & help him chill. i love this kid, but oy! all in all - i only had one cupcake. i could have done a lot more damage.

my friend sue was showing me pictures of her grandbaby. he's only a little bit longer than a dollar bill. she showed me a picture of him - with his daddy's wedding ring around his wrist. it looked like a huge bangle bracelet. crazy! all in all though, considering the situation, both baby and mom are doing ok. i guess mom's still at risk for seizures, but responding well to medication & might be able to go home from the hospital soon. dylan's doctor said that the prayers are working. that's good news.

i trucked to 3 different stores tonight looking for shovels. finally found one at lowes. thank heavens. i got home & was shoveling for 25 minutes. when all of a sudden - the community plowing crew pulled up behind me & he said "hey, you want help? you'll be out here all night!" i could've kissed that guy. he gave my snow one big shove & was done. and so was i. it definitely made my day. and now i own a shovel.

i have some goals for my big long weekend. i am going to share them with you, mainly to hold myself accountable.
*eating well. no going buck wild.
*scanning more pictures. i haven't been doing this since i've been exercising
*get a couple of good workouts in. including lifting weights
*finishing the friggen historian. its taking me forever! mainly cause i'm always tired. but goodnight nurse! get through it. sad thing is, i love the book.
*clean my house something fierce
*start planning my birthday party. if you live in salt lake area - and i've given you any indication that i like you - consider yourself invited. it'll be march 1st. thats a saturday night. my for reals birthday is march 3rd. must go to bookclub that night. and i don't know why - but pretty much since i've lived here, i have thrown a little party for my birthday. its a time for me to get to see my friends, some of them, i haven't seen in a long time. some people this is the only time throughout the year that i see them. i'm excited!!!

i'm hoping you can see that i chillax-ed. the day got better. i simmered. i realize this morning i sounded like an angry lezzy. i'm not. just that stresses were high this morning. i don't hate valentine's day in theory - but i don't necessarily love it either. even when i've had a boyfriend. but i wasn't grinchy all day.


100 Percent Cottam said...

kung fu kicks! yowza! nice job helping him chill. i woulda kung fu kicked himi back. that stuff hypes me up.

wish i could crash the party!

Tiburon said...

Never thought of you as the angry lezzie. Love the image of the Kung Fu 2nd grader!

I hope my invite doesn't get lost in the mail :)

feltc said...

I'm glad your day chilled out. Having to teach while half-soaked from a snow jaunt just makes me grumpy thinking about it. And I'm glad the nice plow guys made your night. High fives to them.

Suzie said...

oh do you tell a good kung-fu/car-stuck/angry lezzy story.

I could sense a more chillaxed Hayley in this post and it really put my mind at ease.

and I am assuming you like me enough to come to your party cuz I'm on your sidebar.

Mom said...

You certainly worked through your day and so glad it turned out good. I heard a newscaster say Valentines is "Single Awareness" day. I had to laugh. I think the day has become a big commercial day. I remember how much my little kids loved picking out valentines for school and then we made cookies and cupcakes to take to school. It was a fun day and a party at school.

Jan said...

Yay for the snow plow guy -- good for him. Wish I could come to the party -- sigh. Hope it's wonderful!

Schagel Family said...

I am so glad everything turned out better. That sounds like one tiny baby. That is about how big my sister was when she was born. I hope you weekend goes as planned. Good luck.

tara said...

oh boy that baby is so tiny. poor little thing.
glad you've chilled angry lezzie. I don't know HOW you stay cool with kung fu kicks and tantrums. wowzers.
wish i was in SLC for your bday soire.

Jori said...

I hope your friends grandbaby grows,grows, grows.

Kristi said...

That is hilarious, Hayley "if I've given you any indication that I like you" I LOVE that line! I wish I could come to your birthday party :) And I wish I was as motivated as you--your goals are looking good. I'm still working on "brush your teeth" and "make-up" Nice...

Heather said...

You angry lezzy you. Oh that's so little. I can't even imagine. New babies seem tiny as is. I was single for Valentines Day too. Who needs a man, right??? Now I'm the angry lezzy!