fire drills and birds

oh my goodness. i'm laughing so hard right now. i'm such a spaz. sometimes i wonder how these poor kids survive with me as their teacher. we just had a fire drill. which even though i know its not real, scares the crap out of me. i get nervous & jittery. i'll probably be this way all day! but i handled this one today without losing it. i was mentally prepared & just got the job done. then, coming in, i had to use the potty - cause of nerves & consuming lots of water. well, as i'm going into the restroom - i notice a bird flapping around like crazy in the hallway - up by the ceiling that is a glazed over window. so i panic & duck into the bathroom. and then i contemplated staying there for the rest of the day. cause i didn't want to go back out - what if that guy attacked me? so i finally got my courage up & booked it out of there. and proceeded to act like a lunatic in front of parents & other teachers. nice one jones. i'm pretty sure one lady thought i am retarded. (who knows. maybe i am)

which reminds me of a little conversation i had last night with kim. we were walking out of the building together & there was a bird up in the covered walkway. and if you look down, there's a whole layer of bird crap. every time i have walked into my school for the last 6 and a half years- i have cringed. worried that today's my day to get pooped on. its never happened yet, but knowing my luck - its coming. someday. and i told kim that when that day comes, that's the day i quit. i can handle being unappreciated, underpaid, overwhelmed. but bird crappings - i can not! ;)

we're going off track. my kids are tickling me today. saying funny things, doing sweet things. i'm having so much fun with them. and now - on top of the nerves of fire drills & birds on the rampage, you can only imagine my hyperness is only worse. i need to go read some books to them. there are a couple i want to read before we go off & a chapter book I would really like to finish. i always love ending on a good note with them. i don't love so much when i'm kicking them out the door, thanking the heavens that i won't have to see them again for 3 weeks. i'll actually be sad to see them go tomorrow. but don't worry - i'll still enjoy myself.

tonight's the joshua radin concert. (do you catch the hyper wave i'm on? its only going to get worse and worse) i'm tickled pink to be going to it. its going to be an amazing concert. if you don't listen to him yet, smack your head against a hard surface. then go get his album. good tunes. i'm thrilled.


Mom said...

You are on one today. Where is the concert and who are you going with? See you in a few days.

Holly O. said...

Have fun at JR. I am super SUPER jealous. Not only are you going with my college roommates (!!!!) but I love me some JR. Seriously, he is my current favorite, far and away.

Heather said...

Have fun, that should be a great concert!!

Jori said...

Okay, head is smacked and I am on my way to download album. Have fun!

Tiburon said...

Who is this Joshua Radin you speak of? I guess I need a good head smackin - if you could take care of that on Saturday it would be appreciated.

Have fun at the concert!

Shelley said...

Enjoy the concert! I secretly giggle at your fire drills! haha!