faculty meeting blues

i am an old woman. i don't need a birthday to tell me that. last night, the concert didn't get started until a lot later than i expected. my dogs were barking! holy cow. i was wearing my dansko clogs. those are comfy shoes. but the concert was in a concrete building. i guess it doesn't matter what shoes you're wearing when you have to stand on concrete for 4 hours. the concert was great. ingrid michaelson (opened) was awesome. i need to get her album pronto. joshie (jamie decided we're allowed to give him a nickname) didn't disappoint. (dinner at the dodo didn't either. mhmmm - tollhouse pie. house salad. bbq sauce on my ham & swiss sandwich. major droolage right now, remembering) i love joshua radin's style of music. he's got a beautiful voice. and - i loved that for a few of his songs, it was just him with his guitar up on stage.

so... i'm including a clip of probably my favorite thing from last night. it was so funny. cause at first, i didn't recognize what it was, but i knew i the words. (this isn't from last night. but it is what she did...)

oh. the blues part of my post - early morning faculty meeting. i was dying to stay awake. and one of my teammates wouldn't stop talking, so i couldn't hear anything anyway. i love her, but good night nurse. i also like to hear what's being said.


Tiburon said...

Niiiice. I gained 2 pounds just hearing about your dinner. Sorry to hear about the feet. I am glad you enjoyed your show!

Nice nod to the FP too :)

Holly O. said...

I love Ingrid. I didn't know she was opening. I hate you all more than ever now. Don't go buy her tunes, I havey.

tara said...

how do you people always know about cool concerts and artists? I've never heard of this chick either. Nice Fresh Prince shout out though:)

glad you are OFF TRACK now lady (almost:). rip it up:)

SRiggsPots said...

Sorry I can't make it to your party. Hope you have a great day and fun off track. We should get together since I live just down the road.
Can I make a bet about who talked all faculty meeting? Say Hellos to everyone.

Heather said...

That dinner sounds so good! I could so eat a big piece of that Tollhouse goodness.

Shelley said...

Ingrid is cool. I like that she sang fresh prince... And she just gained a few notches on my coolness scale. That's awesome.