apple facts

i'm the world's biggest nerd. i know it. i embrace it. as part of the biggest loser/hayley's life style change going on - i'm trying to eat more fruits and vegetables. one of my produce purchases is always apples. as i actually like apples. last time i went, i got a bundle of fuji apples. this time i went and got gala apples. i'm noticing a big difference between the two in my enjoyment level. i will start getting fuji apples. only. even if it means i have to pay more. so that got me thinking. its amazing to me that there's that big of a difference in apples. i found this website. interesting! i'll include some of the facts about apples that i find neato. and yes. i did just say neato. and yes, i am going to use a great deal of what i found next fall in my "apple/fall/johnny appleseed" unit. yay ~ i love finding things that are helpful for school! (for a complete listing of their apple facts, click here.)
*Apples are a member of the rose family.
*It takes energy from 50 leaves to produce one apple.
*The apple tree originated in an area between the Caspin and the Black Sea.
*The top five apple producing states in the US are:

1. Washington
2. New York
3. Michigan
4. Pennsylvania
5. California


Holly O. said...

I think we are tied for world's biggest nerd. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Mom said...

I love apples and I love caramel dip. They do go together. Yum

Emily J. said...

I love honeycrisp apples, but they bruise really easy.

Tiburon said...

mmm apples. They make me miss home. I am from Washington you know. I will take any kind I can get my hands on.

Schagel Family said...

My faverite are the fuji also. Because I can not stand soft apples and it seems like fuji are never soft.

Heather said...

Those are good apples you mentioned, I like the honeycrisp that Emily talked about. I like to get different apples every week, keep a good rotation going, keep it "fresh" if you will.