so many things i should be doing, instead of blogging

and yet, here i am. bills are paid. bathrooms are wiped down. garbages must be emptied. treadmill must be walked upon. its 9. i've been home for less than an hour. last night at this time, i wanted to be in bed, asleep. tonight at this time, i'm still going a mile a minute. i drank dr pepper tonight at dinner. maybe that's the trick to staying up past dark. caffeine. what a genius idea for me. no wonder i've been wired all these years. (seriously, i'm a geinus)

first and foremost - tonight was math night at school. we planned for about 40-50 families to show. we sent home reminder flyers today & admitting to passing out free math goodies. well, we definitely had over 100 families & I know this cause we had to go make more supplies for our grade's game twice. good night nurse - so many people came. and i love (especially when its not conference time) getting to visit with old families that i've liked & taught their children. its amazing seeing kids from my first year - they're in junior high, or middle school as the people out here call it. i can't even begin to tell you how much it makes me feel like this is all worth it, when a kid comes up to me and says "you're still my favorite teacher. ever." oh - and, tonight my new little dude came & brought his mom. that was fun, to get to tell her how much i'm enjoying having her son in class. so, as crazy & hectic as the night was, it was definitely a success.

kim came tonight & we ran to wendy's quick for dinner. (i know, i know - i'm mucking up this diet bad!) this is why next on my agenda is my treadmill. to work off my small fries that i ever so enjoyed. i loved getting to sit and visit with kim. (i'm so ready for her to be back on track!)

while i was waiting for her to get there, i got to enjoy a fun little conversation on the phone with my dad. he was stuck in traffic on his way home caught in a snow storm. i always love my dad, but i thoroughly enjoy him when he's got just a twinge of piss and vinegar in him. i reminded him tonight that the monster that i am - its his fault. all of my "freaky" qualities, i blame on him. or at least stem from him. but he also gets credit for my good. and i loved this compliment he paid to my mom "no, your good - it comes from your mom." I'd like to think I'm a good combo of the two. (I know I say this a lot, but I'm so thankful for my parents. They're still my mom and dad, but they're also some of my best, favorite friends.)

speaking of my mom - here's a quality i really admire about her: she's incredibly good. she is a happy person. she's tough (hello - who could raise four red headed daughters like us without having suicide thoughts?!?) and she lets you know when you're evil... ("the devil is in this car!!!") but she's forgiving and kind, too. I love her upbeat-ness. I love her ability to laugh. And, she bounces back. Muz - you're the woman. (just enjoy my little burst!)

ok, i really need to get my butt moving. literally. stop being gushy jones & get going. cause i've got less than 12 hours & i'll be back in the classroom working myself to exhaustion. caffeine buzz will be gone. body will be sore. I'M JUST SO EXCITED TO HAVE CONNOR AND WILL HERE TOMORROW. what i'm not looking forward to: tomorrow's weigh in. its not going to be pretty, folks.


Schagel Family said...

I am glad your night turned out really well. There are always things we could be doing instead of blogging, but it is way too much fun and adicting.

Mom said...

Obviously I enjoyed that message. Glad you had a "payback" night at school. Sounds like a fun weekend. Give Connor and Will hugs from Grandma. I love you.

Jori said...

Awww your parents just sound fabulous. I love how much you love and respect them. Have fun with your cute boys.

Heather said...

That is cool about math night! I like those nights too, those are fun ones. "The devil is in the car" sounds like something I have said...a little Momma in all of us :)Yes, we are all a "perfect" combo of Mom and Dad, for sure. We've got us some good parents don't we?

Jan said...

I loved this post. Loved that math night went so well, and I loved hearing about how much you love your parents and that they are also your friends. Lots of blessings there for sure.

Kristi said...

That is one serious math night--so glad it turned out well. And your parents sound amazing (have I said that yet?) And I am for sure stealing that line to use with my kids, "The devil is in this car!" That is awesome!!!