just question time... answers come later

Natalie's doing it. She started. Then Jori & Holly. Now I'll jump on the bandwagon. Ask questions, but only ask them if you really want to know the answers... I have to admit *I haven't come up with good questions to ask. And I'll admit *I'm a little scared to see what I get asked.

But go for it. Just be prepared.

Here - I'll start: Why oh why does someone store dirty diapers in our faculty bathroom right by my classroom? And, on top of that, why do I figure this out after I've chugged 24 oz of water this morning?


Jori said...

Why did you decide to be a teacher?
What made you want to live in Utah?
Favorite Movie of all time?
Favorite Vacation?
Last person you chewed out(full details please)
Can we ask about the ex-jackass? If not tell me to mind my own bees-wax.

Emily said...

What's your most recommended book?
Have you ever dyed your hair a strange color?
What's the strangest thing you ever done in public?

Hayley said...

jori - you can totally ask questions about the ex-jackass... i'm open.

Mom said...

I want to see the answers to these questions, too. Hayley you make me smile.

100 Percent Cottam said...

Have you ever been in love? How many times?

What kind of car do you drive? What is your dream car?

If you could live absolutely anywhere, where would that be?

Do you have a most embarassing moment?

tara said...

open book? really? even about the ex? nice.

Looking back, did things turn out for the best?
Have you ever hit anyone? and why?

Best physical feature?

Worst NON-physical characteristic about you?

Worst date ever?

Mel said...

Favorite dessert?

Where and what would be your perfect vacation?

If you could go back and change any day what would it be and how would you do it differently?

Jan said...

I have said this before and it's still true - I'm so boring that I can't even come up with questions. But you will have plenty!

Jori said...

Hayley you have just opened the flood gates for me.

Where did you meet weenie boy?
How long did you date?
Did you meet his family?
What did your ring look like?
Who called off the engagement and why.

I know,I know I'm a buttinski only answer what you want.

Holly O. said...

Would you consider being artifically inseminated?

tara said...


Kristi said...

hee, Holly.

Crap! I'm so boring Hayley. I wish I had something cool to ask, but all I can think of are stupid questions.

But here goes:

How do you feel about PDA?

How do you feel about people who let their cats crawl on their kitchen counters and then cook you dinner?

Have you ever considered moving to Texas? Austin, specifically?

Where do you find all your good book recommendations? (ps-I love them)

I can't wait to hear your answers! :)