a little midmorning adventure

this post - i'm warning you - is going to be a little personal. it wouldn't offend me at all, if you chose to skip it. (dad that would be you!) i'm about to start talking about womanly things. now, don't complain if you read on & don't like it.

a certain little daily pill that i take everyday helps me with so many things. not what most women take it for - the whole prevention of conception. i take it for regulation. i take it to help my skin. i take it so i'm not an emotional wreck for a large enough portion of the month that some people think i'm crazy. :) its worth the $30 a month. what i love about this particular one i'm taking is that i often miss that week of drainage. graphic? sorry. i still suffer slightly from the pms phase. my skin usually gets a little messed up. i get tired. maybe even a little weepy at certain movies.

well - as some of you know - last weekend was a weekend of movies for me. and - a weekend of tears. some pretty massive tears. even prompted some real life contemplations. also - in the last week, my face has wickedly erupted. its caused me some emotional pain, but i've tried so hard to ignore it. and to slap it with toothpaste & neosporin. its always fun when you're talking to someone and you know they're not looking at your eyes.

after i chugged my camelbak this morning, i was feeling an urgent desire to urinate. so i got my kids working on their science pack & made a run to the little girl's room. to find a surprise. a big surprise, since i'm only half way through the month. and since i've missed the last two months - i haven't been packing much. obviously - not my smartest idea.

but this surprise answers a few questions. like why i've been so sad, so easily lately. (you shouldn't cry cause you miss your babies so much that upon seeing a new adorable picture of them, it makes you tear up) and why i've got pizza face right now (i haven't been picking. the joys of these beasts is that they started as sores)

but here's how i'm being optimistic: i've still lost 4 pounds, even with an obvious hormonal imbalance. and i've done it without much dr pepper. tuesday was my last one. sure - i could have one today, but i'm not feeling the need for it, so why bother, right?! and - i'm feeling thankful that i caught this problem before much of a problem occured. since i am wearing my lightest pair of khaki's today. fun!

so to all of you that survived this post, i'm sorry. forgive me. but my one of my motto's is: if i have to suffer through it. you get to hear 'bout it.

Oh & P.S. - I totally had one today!


100 Percent Cottam said...

it is always a relief to me when my bad behavior has a hormonal reason. not that i'm accusing you of bad behavior. but for me, it's nice to be able to say, oh, i'm not crazy. it's pms. glad you didn't soil your khakis, too. that would've sucked.

Jan said...

I agree with everything you and Natalie both said -- if I can chalk it up to hormones, it helps in a dumb sort of way. Glad that you are understanding you are so not crazy.

Jori said...

Egads Hayley! I started today too. We should feel happy because we still have lost weight. I usually retain a few pounds water weight during the "curse.";)

Emily said...

WOW, you've still dropped 4 pounds and your on the rag? I haven't weighed yet...but I'm crossing my fingers for good results.

Heather said...

Yeah it does make you feel better to know that your bad old ugly mood can partially be blamed on hormones. For sure. You go girl on dropping those LBs xoxo

Kristi said...

I love a little personal Hayley time :) I always feel better, too, knowing it's my period and that I'm not losing it.