the January blues

Its cold. freezing. which, if I'm at home, snuggled up on my couch with a blanket & a cup of hot chocolate, I don't mind.

BUT when the kids aren't "able" to go outside due to the temperature, it makes me nearly insane. They come in early in the morning, which, side note, is ridiculous. Why oh why do parents consider the school as their free babysitters. We're not. We don't have to show up just because you want to dump your kid off & get to work. FIND YOUR OWN BABYSITTER. I get to work early. Earlier than I'm paid to be here, I mean. It makes me nuts when kids are already in the halls. Sometimes, school doesn't start for an hour. We're paid to be here 25 minutes before school starts. Now, in my humble opinion, that's not enough, so I choose to come earlier. When I can get things done. in peace and quiet. but when kids are out in the hallways, talking & distracting me, its not getting done.

(don't even get me started on the chronically late & early leaver teachers!)

My kids are well trained. They know what to do. Sometimes they even know how to do it. I spend a big portion of the beginning of the year teaching them routines. So I don't have to spend the rest of my year correcting it. But right now, this is all just hard for children. I need to remind myself that. Cause I'm on a diet, which means I'm hungry ALL THE TIME, and off the dr pepper addiction. I've noticed that I've been slightly grumpy with them lately. But part of it is cause they're always inside, not outside where they burn off energy. Inside, talking. Inside, putzing with EVERYTHING. Inside, bothering me on my break. my planning time. my potty runs. which I'm needing more frequently due to the 64 oz of water I'm trying to take in everyday.

I need to remind myself that they're still just kids. Even if they're constantly talking & bugging me, I need to do better. Less snappy. BUT GOODNIGHT NURSE! These kids need to go outside & move!


Mom said...

Won't be long and it will be warmer weather and they will be outside. You are right about dieting putting us on edge. That is until you are wearing pants that didn't fit before and everyone is telling you how great you look and you feel great. When you get to the point where you don't even want the junk you know you have arrived. I've been there.

Jori said...

I can't believe parents drop their kids off an hour early! That is insane. It's hard to be pleasant while dieting. I'm sure you are being nicer than you think.

Jan said...

We ran into the same thing when I did music in the schools -- kids would arrive at ridiculous hours because their parents thought school was a great free babysitter. I hate that.

100 Percent Cottam said...

i heard it's like 3 degrees in utah. it best be warming up before i get my butt there in 2 weeks. sorry they're driving you nuts. i agree with everything you said.

Emily said...

Move the desk to the sides and make them run laps. ;) I'm sorry, that parents have no respect for teachers and tend to think your a babysitter. Are you allowed to lock all the doors and make the kids wait outside? JUST KIDDING.

Kristi said...

I love how on the ball yuo are as a teacher, Hayley. Way to whip those whippersnappers into shape!! It sucks they have to stay inside, though--here's hoping a warm front comes through so you can kick those kids out! :)