i'm not loving this day

oh frustration levels are high. let me elaborate.

my internet has been pissing me right off today. as in it'll work for 2 minutes & then be funky for 30. irritating! and i've been trying to input grades, scores & all kinds of things. just not happening today.

yesterday i got some saddish news about a friend. i didn't react great. i reacted harshly. so emails have been going back and forth today - and thats frustrating when its not working.

one of my students brought this stupid new watch to school today. around 9:30 this morning, an alarm started beeping & hasn't stopped! its now 2:30 pm. I don't do well with alarms and noises. I have done everything I can to that watch, short of smashing it with a hammer. I told him if he ever brings it to school again, I'll break it & throw it away. i sincerely hope he gets the point.

i drank a dr pepper today. just cause life was pissing me off. it tasted mighty good.

my new student has aspergers. which falls under the umbrella of autism. he's sweet, but doesn't handle thing well when they don't go his way. well, welcome to 2nd grade! especially when you have a few of these classmates. he's been in tears today, and my heart broke for him.

my little "pooh chunk" has been at it still. (pooh chunk goes to kim. she says that. it fits perfectly for him. credit people - give it where its due) he's now basically in class suspension. his desk has been moved by mine. not fun for me, but life isn't meant to be fun for teachers, right? he doesn't get to talk, interact or recess with his fellow classmates. arg! boy, am i stubborn. i actually said, "if you want to act like a jerk, you'll get treated like a jerk" - i know, i know, not a wonderful thing to say to a young child, but what else could i have said, and keep in mind, that sometimes i just want to smack that poor kid.

i would love to do some harm to a chocolate cake today. oh boy. talk about "rape and pillage" ing something.

tonight's workout on my treadie will be intense. i'm going to work hard. and then i'll go sleep like a baby, hopefully.


Mel said...

Yeah, internet has definitely been pissing me off today!! Good luck with your pooh chunk!

Mom said...

It is almost time for you to go home and rest. Have a nice night.

Jori said...

You need some cake girlie. You can work it off. Sorry you have had a rough day and hooray for new bloggers, that is always fun.

100 Percent Cottam said...

eeks. sorry for a crappy day.

but. when you said pooh chunk, i thought it said chuck with reminded me that there are 2 new episodes of chuck on tonight. which should make you happy, right? tell holly.

Emily said...

You need a break! I second Jori's opinion, eat some cake. Work it off later.

Kristi said...

Aww, Hayley! Sorry your having a suckie day. I will say I like your idea about working the treadmill hardcore--it helps the stress, for real. Here's hoping tomorrow is a better one!

tara said...

dang it all. You certainly seem to get the higher needs kids. you must be able to handle it better than the other wussy teachers.

hope you had that cake. and a little chuck:)

Jan said...

Long day for sure - -hope your treadmill time took care of your stress. Thanks for the new blogger update - I"m on my way to check them out (only in the nicest way, of course!) hee hee!