daily checklist

only hit snooze once. check. (rolled out of bed at 6:00am)

take newly obtained key to classroom, so as not to waste the hour i got to work early. check. (made good use of time, no annoying parents stopped in to bore me with their whoas)

set new girl straight. check. (i'm really just saying this so i don't cry later)

don't drink dr pepper. check (can you believe it?!? i didn't even need one. no headache, nothing!)

work an hour and a half after i'm paid to. check. (my walls are up, next week's planned for)

come home - watch a movie & grade papers. check. (devil wears prada. ehh. it was ok)

45 minutes on the treadmill doing "fatburn" mode. check. (got in 2 episodes of HIMYM)

set the above picture as my new background on my computer. check. (what? replace the dr pepper logo? i did!)

get in bed early & read... its about to be a check. (i'm loving rhett butler's people. might have to do a gone with the wind marathon this weekend! oh how i wish clark gable could do this movie!)

harp at my sisters for not sending me any recent pictures of my bubbies that i'm heavily missing right now. that's on my list to do tomorrow. (i'm sorta tired)


100 Percent Cottam said...

nicely done, woman! checking things off your list like crazy. glad you gave new girl a tune up. hopefully she won't give you any more trouble.

Holly O. said...

Only ok on Devil Wears Prada? I like that one. A lot. Glad you like that book, it is on my list of things to read.

Jori said...

I'm with you on Devil Wears Prada Hayley. It was just okay for me. Loved Meryl Streep in it. I want to read this book now. I am weird but if I could wear a big ol' dress like Scarlett I would be tickled pink. Good job workin' the treadmill. Buh-bye Chuck!

Mom said...

You are taking care of business. Good girl. I have the Rhett Butler book ordered at the library and can hardly wait.

Emily said...

Have ya harped on your sisters yet? You NEED the pictures of your bubbies.

Jan said...

I do so well when I can check something off my list -- not sure why it makes a difference but it does. Yay for you and all the checks!

Kristi said...

You got a ton of things done Hayley! Sweet! I want to check this book out now!! Here's a few more exclamation points for my comment!!!!!