my 2007 favorites

  • Massage Envy. mhmmm... its totally worth $50 a month. i honestly think its helping my back, too. surely its helping my peace of mind.
  • My DVR. After spending almost a month at Heather's last year, I became hooked. I came home in January & got my own. Its the best. My new best friend.
  • How I Met Your Mother. One of my new favorite tv shows. among the office. 30 rock. chuck. grey's. private practice. momma likey some tvs. hence why i likey my dvr. if you don't watch HIMYM - its in your best interest to start. get with the program peeps. i love barney. i love ted. i love marshall. i love them all.
  • Justin. as in Timberlake. He's heaven on earth to look at. And I've thoroughly enjoyed his album this year. so many goodies on that guy.
  • Travel Methods such as Carnival cruise lines & United Airlines. They've made it possible for me to travel up a storm this year & create tons o' memories with my family.
  • 3rd Movies in a Series. Jason Bourne. and Danny Ocean & his boys. Both of which came out recently on dvd. ahhh. something to enjoy on my new tv a la hojo.
  • My new camera that i got this year. i may not be able to afford a fancy pants one like most of you alls. but - i've captured many darling faces. i've enjoyed having it, that's fo' sho'.
  • James Avery. I might not have it yet, but i'm super duper excited for Christmas. I'm in a craze. I could so easily go buck wild.
  • Crocs. I know this isn't the first year they're available. But they're the first year that I've gone into. I am wanting these guys next. To keep my toesies warmy.
  • Dan In Real Life. it was the best movie this year, I thinks. Hilarious, touching, appropriate. The thing I love most about this movie is that its not dirty.
  • Bumble & Bumble hair products. I have switched over & am enjoying. I used to be only an Aveda girl. Now instead I use their styling lotion, styling creme, and defrizz*er. remember, i must use a lot of hair product. otherwise its a complete mess.
  • (Update)Privo Shoes. They're so comfy & kinda cutey, too. but mostly comfy. check 'em out.
  • Last but not least. Blogging. This is the year of the blog. I've thoroughly enjoyed making new friends & keeping in better touch with old ones.
(thanks hojo. that was fun. you're so creative!)


Holly O. said...

Blogging is jolly fun. And HIMYM. Good stuff.

100 Percent Cottam said...

yo mama is a favorite show of mine, too. 30 rock is taking the cake for me lately. i also love crocs, so comfy. and dan in real life is the best. and i use styling creme, too. i am officially trying to BE you!

Heather said...

Dan In Real Life isn't dirty and you still like it? Hmmmm. We did have some good times traveling this year didn't we. Best year ever maybe???? I love James Avery too, and I'm so glad that i have found a person that will sit and look at the dumb catalog with me. And won't get bored. Do you like American Girl dolls?? LOL I'll show you that catalog too. hahahahahah Bumble and Bumble does rock, now that I figured out just how much I spent on HANNAH's shampoo, I took it back and use it myself. :) Love the blogging too. This was a fun list maybe I'll copy cat you guys.

Mom said...

I was surprised you didn't mention Mary Kay eye makeup remover. It is the best and I get it from you.
Great list and, yes, you have taken some great photos on your camera.

Jori said...

I am agreeing with a lot of things on your list. I better go do mine.

tara said...

from one product girl to another, I hear you;)
you HAVE taken some SUPER pictures with your snazzy camera. The rio crotch shot is a personal fav:)

Emily said...

I love Dan in Real Life. What a fun list!

Jan said...

I loved reading your list. Great stuff and fun to know your favorites.

Mel said...

I loved your list. I've never had a massage. Hmmm..I think I better put that on my to do list. Hehe.