couple of things

a few things i've learned since being at heather's house. five year olds are easily manipulated with reverse psychology. all you have to do is tell hayden not to do something & he's doing it. especially when it comes to hugs and kisses.

and heather's neighbor, mr. chase, is an amazing chef. he brought over dinner tonight. all homemade. fried chicken. green bean casserole. rolls. mashed potatoes. gravy. oh and then like an hour later - hot apple pie. this food was so stinking good - i broke out some ice cream for us, too. i hope he's not offended when i call tomorrow afternoon and tell him what we want for dinner saturday night. (ha. can you imagine? "yeah, chase, tonight we're thinking we'd like some caesar salad & pasta. side of steamed vegetables. but we'll need it by 6 tonight.") its a good thing that i brought my sweat pants cause i need them tonight.

i've also been cruelly reminded that i have frizzy wavy hair. in utard it can be maintained & controlled. here - not so much. why bother? i look like a walking disaster.

i'm having fun, but i'm pooped. still haven't caught up on sleep. its hard - but at least i have my best friend, the dr keeping me alive. :) these kids are so good. and cute. i love being here with them. i just wish it wasn't so hot. its balmy & i've grown accustomed to needing pants & long sleeve shirts.


100 Percent Cottam said...

you are too right, it is balmy. you hair would be behaving under normal circumstances. i don't know why it's so warm & humid. dude, mr. chase needs to move into my neighborhood. mercy me, that's a good neighbor to have.

Shelley said...

I think you'd need pants anywhere you visit... maybe i'm strange that way ;)

How long do you get to stay for? I love that you get to see your family so often! I'm glad you're having a blast!

Hayden... don't you dare tackle Auntie Hayley with hugs and kisses! ;)

Holly O. said...

I've never enjoyed Chase's cookin'. Sounds good.

Mom said...

Chase is very generous and seems to like to cook for his neighbors. I have enjoyed his food several times especially when Heather has a baby.

Glad you are having fun. Sounds like the kids are having a good time too.

Jan said...

Nice neighbor for sure. And I am with you on the hair and temps, Hayley - -it's very sweaty here as well and my hair just never looks decent. Sigh. I love Austin but my hair doesn't.

Emily said...

What's wrong with a little frizz? I'm sure you look stunning. Hmm...do you think you to express mail some of Mr. Chases food out to me? That sounds yummy.

Tiburon said...

THat was nice of the neighbor to bring you dinner. I hope things cool down soon. It is totally wrong to be using AC in December!