i've caught a bug!

Don't worry - i'm not sick. this bug is specific to being Mike Jones' daughter. Its the "everything's getting cleaned" bug. For starters - my classroom. I'm going off track on Friday. Its recess & I've borrowed Sue's laptop, cause I needed a break. A Slow Down minute. My walls are already 90% down, and put away in an organized fashion. I'm planned 90% for that first week back. Its only Tuesday. I have spent the better part of today dejunking this classroom. My kids are loving life this week. We're reading lots of holiday books, followed with a holiday project. I'm loving it cause while they're working on a project, my heiny is getting busy cleaning. Its a thrilling feeling, to be organized & ready to go.

Oh & I've got lists made. List of people to get Christmas gifts for. Lists of people to mail Christmas cards to. Lists of things to remember to do before going off track. And lists of dinner dates/Christmas parties that I need to remember. Cause that would be a bummer if I forgot one!

For some reason, I can't stop singing (in my head, thankfully) this little ditty today:
Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat (go figure, hojo calls me goose!)
Please put a penny in the old man's hat (not my dad, no never! he's not old!)
If you haven't got a penny a hay penny will do.
If you haven't got a hay penny, then God Bless You!

My poor students. they're really the ones who suffer from a lunatic teacher, when I'm excited about something.


Mom said...

You sound way fun to me. That is what the kids need to have fun and enjoy the Christmas spirit. Soon we wll be celebrating together.

Holly O. said...

You have a lot to do before you come back down here in a week. haha. But seriously, Connor wakes up looking for you still. Don't let that go away.

100 Percent Cottam said...

we were just listening to that as we put up our christmas tree! hooray for john denver & the muppets!

tara said...

an oldie but a goodie, especially when sung in a round:) I'm a nerd.

Way to go on gutting your classroom. Clean and organized feels so blasted GOOD. too bad it doesn't last forever.

Melissa said...

You go off track and I send my back on...hallejulah!!! Wish you were their teachers, you are a cutie!

Heather said...

Yippee for off track! Glad you are being a get some stuff done girl. Gotta love that. Oh yeah.

Tiburon said...

make sure to add "Lunch with Tib" to your list ;)

Jan said...

Yay for vacation time! Enjoy it and keep singing that song. It's a family favorite around here.