blogging brain farts

i've got nothing funny to share today. i'm tired. didn't sleep well. i am looking forward to my trip to st. george tomorrow, especially cause now i can stay til sunday!

one thing i'm sick of - is hearing kids SNARKING. gross. go away!

i'm glad we only have another half hour of school, cause i'm drained. (i've got my friend's laptop again)

here's a list of things i must do tonight/tomorrow morning.
*laundry. need some freshies for myself.
*turn heat down. this'll be done tomorrow morning.
*check over the tv digiguide - to make sure and schedule a recording for anything fabulous that i'll be missing while away. sad, but that's a top priority.
*leave a hall light on & porch light. cause i'm tricky like that.
*go to bed as soon as it gets dark. i wish. really, i do though.
*pack up - head on out. yahoo!!!
*charging batteries for camera. so i can take tons o' pictures of the bubbies.


100 Percent Cottam said...

don't you have a word for that? snarking? i swear i got that word from you. and i LOVE it!!!

Heather said...

Yeah that is so gross. Go away is right!!!

Hayley said...

you are right natalie! i've edited & added to the post. :)

Holly O. said...

Get down here!

Kristi said...

Snarking is sick! hee hee. I hope you have a fabulous time with your family. Just make sure you ladies are still posting while you're living it up!!!

Jori said...

Ew with the snarking. I heard an adult snark and swallow today, It was so sick, I almost ralphed. Have fun in Utah's Dixie(as Holly would say:)

Emily said...

Ewe..snarking(shudder).Have a Happy Thanksgiving!