today's whine fest

i feel like i've been a whiner lately. and the sad thing is - i'm having fun & enjoying life. i shouldn't whine. i won't tonight. after - i discuss a certain ailment that's been bothering me for a few days (and no, jamie, i'm not talking about how i constantly get food stuck in my teeth!) i've been suffering from a weird kinda stomach ache/pain/gassy/crampy feeling. but mostly, its just when i tinkle. but its to the left (on the inner parts) of my belly button. i'm not thinking its bladder related, cause i've been drinking tons of water. but my stomach has constantly been feeling bloated & and i'm not just being polite to chuck. i'm not backed up. i've been eating healthy. for me. and drinking water. what's up? if you have any suggestions, let me know, cause i'd love to not have to go to the doctor, or the emergency room.

today didn't start off so swell for me. i got to school, was walking in & realized that i left my plan book & all the papers that I graded last night on my kitchen counter. poop. thankfully, i was early (on time for me, but early for my paid time) and since i live 7 minutes away in traffic, i was still back to school on time. sure, i could've survived without my plan book & papers, but i wanted them. i wanted to finish grading more papers. (only to bring more home tonight. arg) then, i hadn't gone to the gas station, cause i do have an ounce of self control. but i bought a can as soon was i got in the building. went to my room, sat down, cracked that baby open (am i a total nutcase to admit that opening a can of dr pepper is one of my favorite sounds?) and proceeded to spill it all down my shirt & pants. lovely. i'm so graceful. i actually sucked on a little bit of my shirt. (i know, you're laughing. i'm pathetic. but it was wasteful! & it was either that or cry.)

then, later on this afternoon, i was walking down the hallway. one of the teachers on my team who i'm not a big fan of (that's the understatement of my lifetime, but hey) was in that same hallway, letting her kids get drinks at the drinking fountain. this one girl got a drink & whirled around & almost ran me down. she looked up at me, cause either she's super short or i'm a giant & exclaimed, "wow, you're pretty. my teacher's not!" i politely smiled, said "thank you, but shhh!" and kept walking. apparently that girl doesn't mind a dr pepper stained outfit (my kinda kid) and i didn't even make a rude crack to her, dad! in fact, i've now decided that she's my favorite kid in that class! for saying that i'm pretty. and for saying that her teacher's not (i'm not a nice person & i really don't like this lady!) so that kinda made my day. was definitely a highlight.

then i had the lovely pleasure of being treated to dinner tonight by jamie. good eats. good talks. good laughs. not a good bathroom experience. i had a lot to drink. so after sitting there talking for an hour or so, i had to use the little girl's room. i followed a lady who was obviously sick. my eyes were watering & i seriously wanted to commit a hate crime. boy did i glare at that lady afterwards. you better believe if i have nightmares tonight, it'll revolve around that bathroom experience. (and jamie, whatever i said i was going to blog about, i can't remember now what it was... shoot)


Heather said...

thanks but shhhh, I like that part. sorry about the inner pain from who knows where. That is rather strangish. I can so see you sucking on your shirt to get a few more drops of your precious. At least it wasn't the whole can. I'm tired and I hope Scott has made a huge dent on the laundry because I really don't feel like putting any away. :)

tara said...

oh hayley. you wanting "commit a hate crime" is the best. Honestly. where do you come up with this stuff?
Sounds like that little girl is smart and obviously has an eye for beauty:)
no advice on your mysterious pain...hope it is short lived:)

100 Percent Cottam said...

this whole thing has me about to pass out with laughter. suck that doctor off your shirt! commit hatecrimes! do what you've gotta do to conduct business hayley-style! you rock my world.

Kristi said...

Hayley, have I told you how funny you are? Man, I like you. And you ARE pretty, so that girl knows what she's talking about. That cracked me up about the hate crime. Nice! :)
And back in my Diet Coke days: I, too, would have sucked it off my shirt if necessary...there's no shame in your game, girl.

Emily said...

You have my laughing, I'm sorry you had a "Crappy" Day. I to spill diet coke, mt dew and every other liquid and food down my shirt. It's unfortunatley and family curse. Spencer always jokes that I should wear a bib. If you want to fix your problem, try a VEGAN diet. It worked awesome for me. I just found that I like meat and dairy too much to stick to it.

Melissa said...

I'd like to have an exciting life like yours...you crack me up Hayley! Sorry about all your tummy issues. You are darling and that girl was right on the money...love it!

Jan said...

OK, I"m still smiling at the image of you sucking the DP off your shirt - 'cause I do the same with my Diet Coke. That's important stuff. And I hope you get feeling better - it's not fun to feel yukky, even a little bit.