another tagging

Melissa's tagging cracked me up today, so I decided to give it a go. Disclaimer: I didn't sleep well again, I'm in pain & I've got a date, a much anticipated date tonight... So - hyper is an understatement right now.

*Best thing I cooked last week: nothing? macaroni and cheese? its been a while. that one salad with pasta and chicken was the best thing i've made for a long time. sad. nothing new

*If money & time were no object: I'd take my whole entire ohana to Hawaii... north shore oahu. waimea. sunset beach. to be exact. we'd spend days on end there - using endless amounts of sunscreen & of course we'd come prepared :)

*Last time I cried: Sunday morning. I was having a difficult time finding an outfit for church.

*5 Things I was doing 10 years ago:
-Luke Spencer. Ok, I wasn't really "doing" him, but we were dating. This was a major accomplishment/dream. I'd had a major crush since junior year of high school. We started dating the first week of Ricks. Too bad he ended up bugging me, as usual. (i'm kinda a snotface)
-Dorms at Ricks College. Making friendships that are still some of my favorites to this day. I only don't keep in touch with 1 of my roommates from freshman year. There were 6 of us, total. So, to me, I feel proud that I still am close to 4 of them.
-Beginning taking Education Classes. I was kinda worried that I wasn't to cut it - I wasn't creative like some of the other girls. Classes I didn't struggle with: Classroom Management. Big Surprise.
-Wearing my big puffy yellow jacket by now. Rexburg is a cold place. I was scared of getting lost in the snow, so I got a loud jacket. I never got lost.
-I only had Hunter & Emma to adore as nieces and nephews. I can't believe there was ever a time in my life without the rest of them. Crazy!

*5 things on my TO DO LIST today
-Remember to go to a meeting at 3:45 for one of my kids. To get a referral to get him in resource. Must finish paperwork for that at lunch
-Get copies made for next week
-Finish Inputting Grades.
-Get caught up on grading papers...
-Not freak out, spaz out, or chew a hole in my lip before tonight. (this is the biggest challenge)

*5 favorite snack:
-Dr Pepper. duh. and yes, it is its own category
-Oreo Cakesters or the homemade kind
-Asparagus w/ham & cream cheese
-Deviled Eggs
-Salt & Vinegar Chips.

*5 Bad Habits:
-of course, my dad would beat me if I didn't mention swearing
-leaving dishes in the sink
- piles. on counters. on desks. on the floor (clothes)
- dirty looks/bad thoughts. sometimes thoughts get said...
- picking my face. its terrible. but you don't have to live with what i do.

*5 Favorite foods: (aside from snacks... easy...)
-Steak and ranch
-Buffalo Wings and ranch
-Cafe Rio Chicken salad. just rice, no beans. No guac, no pico, Extra creamy tomatillo dressing
-Creamy Pasta with Chicken. Like from Johnny's or Macaroni Grill
-Cream Cheese Wontons. mhmmmmm

*5 Places I've been:

*5 Favorite Memories:
-besides holding any one of my nieces or nephews for the first time, meeting Hannah for the first time, she was 2 months old. Heather was just getting her out of a tubby. She held that nakey baby up & I saw her lil' crooked butt crack. Oh my goodness.
-driving through a ginormous leave pile with brooke on a lunch break in high school. actually i have many favorite stories with her. she's got her own category.
-Going to Paris with my parents. Listening to Ned yell at the French peeps to make them understand her. Walking around in a snowstorm, sick. Seeing my parents sharing a twin sized bed, so i could have my own twinner.
-Hanging out with friends in Hawaii. Road trips to Jack in the Box. Beach trips to Sunset - just to watch the sunset & having nice long conversations.
-My last sleepover with Annie. We did toesies. We got ice cream & oreos at the store. then ate it in bed, watching a movie. and smeared chocolate all over our faces. and giggled til we were crying. she still talks about it all the time.

People to tag: anyone who wannas.


Jori said...

Yellow jackets so you don't get lost in the snow, crooked butt cracks. Could you be any cuter? Have fun on your date!

Heather said...

I forgot about Hannah's little crooked butt crack. I can't wait to hear about tonight, TOMORROW morning on the phone!Have fun!

Emily said...

I love to learn more about you! Have fun tonite!

Jan said...

Loved your list -- you tell it like it is and I love that about you.

100 Percent Cottam said...

this is a bunch o' fun! piles go on my bad list, too. they're EVERYWHERE!!!

Shelley said...

Good Luck! ;) I think I may do this... just not right now. :)

tara said...

I'm diggin the list hayley...I think it's so sweet that your nieces and nephews rank so high:)

I'm still working on mine...

Kristi said...

You're the bomb, Hayley. I love your list and only wish I traveled more like you (your bad habits cracked me up, by the way ;)

Tiburon said...

We order our Cafe Rio salads the exact same way! We should get together and eat one sometime :)

Melissa said...

See, this is why I love you...you are such a crack up! I loved all your answers!