101 things about me

Jori did this a while back. I have seen a few other people do it. I've been stewing ideas... basically i just can't sleep right now & so here goes

1- i don't sleep well... wake up every night around 3 am
2- i often wake up in the night, laughing at dreams that i've had
3- if i ever get a dog, i will name it atticus, from to kill a mockingbird
4- if i ever get a tattoo, it will be the dr pepper logo (but its not happening)
5- i have the weirdest, most mutational body ever. strange things happen to me
6- for example: i had a colonoscopy a year and a half ago. you don't want details
7- storms make me scared. and nervous
8- when i puke, i want my dad
9- i am an organizational freak
10- i see the big picture in projects... i love planning
11- i think really mean thoughts about students sometimes
12- i hate when people smell bad. and i love certain people for the way they smell
13- i love watching movies. and quoting them
14- many people, upon meeting me, fear i have tourettes
15- buffalo wings are the best, gas and all
16- penguins are my favorite animals
17- at times, i just sit and stare at pictures of my nieces and nephews
18- i have slightly webbed toes. more so on lefty. i hate that
19- if i ever have a son, his name will be michael. first name, just to top my sisters ;)
20- if i ever get married, i will dance at my reception to "landslide" with my dad
21- i don't think i'm ever going to get married. and i'm ok with it.
22- i love people who make me bark. it endears me to them
23- sometimes my loud voice gets me in trouble
24- besides holly, i've never physically gotten into a fight with anyone. but there are people i'd love to bitch slap.
25- surprises piss me off
26- i have bipolar personality when it comes to cleaning - it stems from my dad. being part of him & rebelling against it. either i'm too anal about it or i'm a slob
27- i'm sick and tired of my stomach hurting. enough already!
28- i may or may not have stopped this morning and gotten chocolate waxy donuts
29- once in college, i caught my roommate, who i didn't like, stealing my oreos. i made her spit them out in my hand. i was poor, it was hawaii... you don't steal someone's treats
30- as a result, i stored my dr pepper in my room, in my closet
31- i accidentally bought a ginormous coach bag recently. long story, but now i love it.
32- i haven't dusted my house in a few weeks. or months. whatever
33- i'm fascinated with people's smooth hair. mine's wirey.
34- i love annie's feet.
35- i love that i learn my sister's babies little tricks.
36- i love when miss hopey came to me out of her momma's arms
37- i have slept in my contacts a few too many nights in a row recently (shhhh mom)
38- i've seen heather so much this year & i am excited to see her again in a few weeks
39- before last december, i hadn't seen her for 2 years! horrible!
40- i need to get my oil change. before a road trip to st. george
41- so many foods give me the trots, but i keep eating them
42- i love talking to old friends
43- i discriminate against short people
44- i give stink eye way too often
45- i don't have a favorite color
46- i hate paper cuts
47- once this freaky guy picked up on me in an airplane. had to give him a fake number
48- ended one engagement by chucking the ring back at the jerk.
49- eventually had to call the cops on the guy. lovely
50- i have horrible taste in men. i think i've said this before
52- i dip my steaks in ranch
53- i read every night before going to bed. not for long usually
54- i automatically like movies about chicago
55- huge bears fan... i want them to redeem themselves this year - another superbowl attempt?!?
56- once super glued my fingers together trying to glue on my rear view mirror
57- in a ford mustang, that i affectionately nicknamed the bitch
58- i use a body pillow for when i face the window
59- i use a regular pillow to cuddle when i face the bathroom.
60- my head uses a flat pillow or no pillow
61- i don't like spiders
62- i don't like roaches
63- i'm looking forward to christmas for my charm bracelet
64- i haven't and probably won't make any plans for this weekend. i want to continue to heal
65- books make me cry. then i throw them
66- i worry every day that i either didn't unplug my flat iron or put my garage door down
67- i bought a house at 25. ok a townhouse
68- this is my 7th year teaching. it makes me feel old
69- i bought disney stamps today @ the post office... while i was there to mail a little something to someone
70- i consider you blogging ho's some of my favorite people
71- i just called you a ho
72- i swear way too much. my dad constantly reprimands me
73- speaking of him, he's probably one of my top favorite people. duh
74- i walked right past gordon b @ ricks, with brittany freshman year
75- thats my favorite number
76- my laundry from last night is still sitting in the dryer. what's new
77- i just threw a crumb from who knows when onto my carpet
78- i seriously need to vacuum
79- that's the year i was born
80- i hate how on grey's they condone adultery
81- i love teaching my bubbies tricks
82- i make annie think i can't count so she keeps giving me kisses
83- i really want that coach ring (remember heather???)
84- my back is hurting from sitting here doing this list
85- my feet don't stink or sweet
86- i have small feet. 6.5 for a tall girl~ oddly freakish
87- i'm guarded... i use sarcasm as a lethal weapon
88- i'm really going to miss chuck someday. hopefully
89- i hate diet dr pepper
90- i have SO much to do tomorrow.
91- i finished my cds tonight for Jamie's music swap! how exciting.
92- i hate longish finger nails
93- i hate super long nails on other people. how do you get anything done?
94- i love that pam and jim are together
95- i love the jason bourne movies... matt damon kicks ass!
96- i don't keep in touch with any non lds highschool friends. sad
97- that's the year i graduated from high school
98- i am compulsive about deodorant
99- only 2 more left now!
100- i miss the food from the cruise
101- home will always be my childhood home. and here where i am now. and hawaii


Kristin said...

43 clearly wasn't a shocker...I have scarring!

Jori said...

Hayley, I seriously just keep liking you more, and more.

Heather said...

I love the list Hayley I love you too.

Mom said...

I want to comment on #37 but I won't. Nothing surprised me....
You have always made me smile and continue to do so.

Jan said...

I love your list -- and I"m so glad we had even a little time together. You are totally awesome. You really are.

Holly O. said...

I have scars to prove 24. And I am sure you do too.

Tiburon said...

Hayley - thanks for stopping by my blog. I feel like I know you now :) I might have to do the penguin just in your honor ;)

I will also have to do some reading on your blog - you are ha ha funny!

Emily said...

I think your a freakin' RIOT!

Ashley said...

I am jealous of 86. I am 5'10" and had size 10 until I had my third baby and now I'm size 11. I NEVER get to buy shoes on sale. It's a sad thing.

100 Percent Cottam said...

LOVE this. among other things, i use only a very flat pillow or none at all. you are such a fascinating, lovely person.

Shelley said...

You forgot to add that you clench your butt when you watch scary movies...

And yes, you DO discriminate against short people. :-Þ

Shelley said...

PS, who stole your oreos? :-o

I liked those chocolate wax donuts you had. But I asked if I could have some, and you always shared with me. :D

tara said...

hayley you are a woman of great interest. The oreo/roomate thing is SOO funny. Spit it out in my hand...that is AWESOME. See? You COULD be a mom:) You are the best:)

Hayley said...

oh yeah, i'd be a great mom... cruel and unusual punishment!

Kristi said...

Hayley, you just gave me so many reasons to love your booty--I loved the list!! I soo wish we lived closer, dang it!